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Potpourri: From Ordinary Father and Ordinary Family to Giant Fancy Things.

By Elizabeth Prata

It’s March already! How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? LOL. I didn’t make any but I admit that though I printed out Challies’ Reading Challenge and picked the Avid level (4 books/month) I have not read as many books as I’d planned. I am disappointed in myself. I will do better this month. So far I’ve read “Behind a Frowning Providence”, “Just Do Something”, and “From Death to Life” as well as several stories in my “Fireside Book of Dog Stories” and being halfway through an Agatha Christie mystery.

March seems to be coming in like a lion. We have received so much rain in February (and January too) that it broke records. More record breaking rain is on the way for the first week of March.

Well, if I’m going to get back to my reading pile I guess I’d better finish this essay. March is marching on!

What books are the best-sellers in this essayist’s market? (Don’t click if you don’t want to be depressed!)

Speaking of Providence, Does God Affect our Lives Outside of the Word? – The Implications of Believing in Prayer?

I appreciated this from John MacArthur. Too often warning about a false teacher or a false doctrine is seen as unloving. What’s unloving is a leader who allows his sheep to be hunted by wolves. The Servant Leader Warns


I can’t laugh at the essay “Einstein’s Chair”, I remember when I was excited to go to the museum where Galileo’s telescope is so I could look through it. Albert Einstein would often sit in this chair during visits to the observatory to discuss science with Willem de Sitter.

The opposite of “radical” is ordinary…ordinary family…ordinary lives are just as pleasing to God as the radical and extraordinary Christian service of some.

Speaking of ‘ordinary,’ my teaching elder often mentions this book, Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor: The Life and Reflections of Tom Carson. A son of a pastor himself, he said it’s moving and a good reminder of the extraordinary things of an ordinary Christian life.


A beautifully written essay about unloved and unlovely Leah and family relationships under God’s providential plan.

I always wondered why outhouses had a crescent moon on the door.

quiet life blog outhouse
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Designer and lover of GFT (Giant Fancy Things), Victoria Elizabeth Barnes leaves us with an essay about the Kingdom Mirror she.must.have.

Enjoy the week!


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