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Sunlight changes everything

By Elizabeth Prata

We are experiencing the 4th wettest February in our area ever, and that was last week’s stats. It has continued raining and the rain totals might be broken by now. It’s been a wet one all right, and with all the rain, it’s been dark, too.

We have had one day or so of sun this week. We joke, walking around muttering, ‘what is that strange orb in the sky? What is that weird yellow hue above us?’ Lol.

I have a window that faces west. In the afternoon in seasons when it’s positioned just right, the rays shine straight in and illuminates my hallway. It makes a wonderful glow from the bedroom into the living room.

After many days of darkness and gloom, the sun shone for a few hours this week as it set. I turned from the kitchen and walked down the hall toward the bedroom and admired the sun streaming in. Then I looked at the floor. Goodness! How much dust! I could see kitty litter scatter! The floor needed mopping! I thought it was OK on Saturday when I glanced over it, and I skipped the sweeping and mopping. The sun’s rays showed me different.

A friend and I were speaking about this at school. She noticed the same with her baseboards. Isn’t it amazing how the light shining on everything makes us see the dirt that’s there?

It is the same with sin. Of course God sees all sin in everyone at once. He knows what is in a man. But us Christians, even though cleansed with the blood of Christ, still have a fleshly sinful nature. We still sin, though we have the Holy Spirit in us to help us resist sin, and the Father’s ear to hear repentance when we ask for its forgiveness. Our hearts are so dark and our minds so blinded, we can’t see the sins lurking in us. The Light always illuminates it.

But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, (Ephesians 5:13).

We have the Light of scripture to help us put the rays of righteousness onto our sin. It will illuminate it for us. We can’t see sin in ourselves at times, it is so good at hiding in the dark. We need His word as the mirror of Light to show us where our soul needs washing, sweeping, and mopping.

Barnes’ Notes says,

Are made manifest by the light – The sense is, “light is the means of seeing what things are. We discern their form, nature, appearance, by it. So it is with the gospel – the light of the world. It enables us to see the true nature of actions. They are done in darkness, and are like objects in the dark. Their form and nature cannot then be known; but, when the light shines, we see what they are;” compare notes on John 3:20-21.

Saved or unsaved, we’re all sinners (Romans 3:10). We will all be called to account for our sins. Gill’s Commentary explains from the Ephesians 5:13 verse several ways humankind’s sins can and will be brought to light:

are made manifest by the light:
–either by the saints, who are made light in the Lord, and detect and reprove the sins of others;
–or by the word of the Lord, which discovers the heinousness of sins;
–or by Christ the light of the world, who as Judge will bring to light the hidden things of darkness;
–or by the omniscience of God, to whom darkness and light are both alike

We have the privilege of having the Bible to read and the Holy Spirit to illuminate its light to us so we may see our sins and repent. The incredible grace of salvation is the foundation of this privilege. The lost do not know their sins, they hide in the dark. They and do not know that they will meet Jesus as vessels of wrath rather than trophies of grace.

Pray for lost people in your life who need the privilege of grace and the action of repentance. Ask the Lord to send the Light to them so they will see sin for what it is. Let us always read our Bibles so we may rely on the light within its words to search out our own sins and repent.

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