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Things are hard. Jesus is there

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16

This week I’ve been praying for and struggling with the sad circumstances that have been presented to so many of my sisters online and friends in real life too. People are going through hard things, very hard. I mourn with them and for them, sometimes with tears. Through reliance on the Holy Spirit, they have been persevering, even praising God, but it’s difficult times for many of us. I wrote a blog about it attempting to provide some small crumb of encouragement, to reach out in some way, but I was unsatisfied with the result and deleted it. That same day, my friend DebbieLynne Kespert at The Outspoken Tulip wrote an essay along those same lines. Here is her essay below.

2020 Hasn’t Started Off Very Well

By DebbieLynne Kespert

Several friends of mine are suffering through major trials right now.

Some focus on the circumstances, praying exclusively for relief from their hardships. Yes, they look to the Lord, and that’s definitely a good starting place. One friend hasn’t been open to spiritual conversation in years, but her current situation compels her to ask for prayer. She knows that she needs God to intervene.

Another friend is going through trials much more serious than those of the first friend I’ve mentioned. And her trials have been relentless. Yet even as she tells me through tears about all the severe affliction she’s enduring, she hastens to proclaim God’s goodness. She even praises Him for opportunities He gives her in her circumstances to tell others about her Savior.

Pain surrounds a lot of believers right now. Perhaps this new year has also been unkind to you. If so, follow the example of my second friend. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, trusting His sovereignty. He will give you a beautiful perspective.

Link: Song w/lyrics- Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


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