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Passion Conference: Parents barred from attending, errant teachings introduced, false teachers lauded, and more. Linkapalooza inside

By Elizabeth Prata

The Atlanta Passion Conference is a Christian conference aimed at older teens and college-aged students. I live not too far from Atlanta, and I live near a University town. Lots of young folks around here flock to the annual Passion Conference in Atlanta at this time of year. This year’s conference just closed. I have received several questions about the conference from friends in real life and online. Here is some information about this conference I’ve written in the past. Hopefully it will bring to light the major concerns with this conference. I do not recommend it for several reasons, which are explored in the links below.

This year’s lineup included the usual array of not-solid-to-false teachers and singers.

Passion’s cumulative effect is bad. Young attendees are drawn to a large event with the tantalizing enticement of rock music, purposely separated from senior pastors, elders, and parents for several days, drenched in a fishbowl of adrenaline-fueled zeal, given half-truths to feed on, told by adored celebrity musicians and pastors they are a special generation, diverted their focus from service in church or campus to solving a global problem, encouraged to sacrifice their money for social justice causes, (end global slavery, end global poverty…) and often turned back to their home churches or campuses carrying new leaven.

Phil Johnson on the Passion Conferences: The Passion Conferences have progressively been more and more and more about raw passion rather than about biblical truth, going back years. For at least five years I’ve been totally critical of the Passion Conferences and the direction they’re going.” ~Too Wretched for Radio, 9/16/2019

Personally, I have a problem when conference organizers specifically prohibit parents/guardians from attending with their child(ren).

Examining Christine Caine’s 2019 Passion sermon: It’s straight Word of Faith

Are there too many Conferences?

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Do the Passion attendees know who the real slaves are?


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