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Alistair Begg and the Preaching Conference

By Elizabeth Prata

The inaugural National Preaching Conference is scheduled at First Baptist Church in Waco Nov. 19-21. The synopsis of this new conference says in part,

We hope you will join us for these uplifting days when the shepherds can be shepherded and the feeders can be fed. This occasion will echo the best of yesterday’s traditions and resound with the needs of tomorrow’s church.

Interesting. Perhaps some of the pastors who can’t make it all the way to California to attend a more established preacher’s conference such as the Shepherd’s Conference can make it to Texas instead.

It’s always helpful to look at who is speaking. That tells a lot about the doctrine of the organizers. One sees immediately that Alistair Begg is a main speaker. That’s good. He is a solid expositor. Begg will be preaching alongside at the conference Tony Evans. Uh-oh. Evans is not solid. He is a false teacher. He believes in and teaches the heresies of Pelagianism (the denial of original sin), Inclusivism (you don’t have to be a Christian to be saved), and Limited Theism (the denial of God’s omnipotence). Read more at The Bible Thumping Wingnut Network.

Worse, there are two women on the lineup to preach at this preacher’s conference: Beth Moore and Reverend Mary S. Hulst.

The issues around Beth Moore preaching to men and alongside at conferences, from pulpits, in churches etc are well-known. Moore is an itinerant Bible teacher who has filled pulpits and preached at conferences for many years. Even when she first began her teaching career, she taught a co-ed Sunday School class and was not fazed by this. Moore is unqualified for any kind of ministry for many reasons, and because of her rebellion against the scriptures of women not usurping the place of men and many other reasons.

Hulst is an ordained pastor and has for the past ten years operated both as chaplain at Calvin College and as preacher, preaching the Chapel sermon every week. She is known as “the campus pastor.” In past employment she has operated as a senior pastor of  Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. She is known as “Pastor Mary” on campus and her email address at the college is pastormary@… She also teaches workshops for preachers.

It is a shame that Pastor Begg will partner with the three false teachers Evans, Moore, and Hulst. (I am unfamiliar with the remaining speakers). I am disappointed in this. He has had a good, long-running, above-board ministry for over 30 years. One misstep certainly does not disqualify him in any way, nor should it be a major cause for separating from him if you listen to his sermons or read his books. Be wise as a serpent and harmless a a dove in this.

As part of the larger issue, why is partnering with the false teachers a problem? It is, for sure. 9Marks has an essay titled What Does 2 John Have to Teach Us about Partnering with False Teachers? here:

Is it possible for us to undermine the gospel we preach through our ministry associations? This last question seems to be a recurring one in American evangelicalism.
It’s quite common for ostensibly evangelical pastors, teachers, and authors to share ministry platforms with those who preach a gospel other than that which was “once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).

Many evangelicals find this pattern of association to be dangerous, damaging, and confusing. They argue that it’s not only unwise to share public ministry platforms with false teachers, but that it is in fact sin. Are these critics correct, or are they overreacting? Thankfully, we don’t have to try and use our own wisdom to try and untie this knot. Scripture speaks plainly and clearly on the matter.

What this means practically for those in ministry is that they should not, in any way, under any circumstance, lock arms with heretical teachers, pastors, authors, professors, or anyone in any capacity who comes to you bringing a different Jesus.
This includes:

  • Conferences
  • Prayer Breakfasts
  • Bible Studies
  • Pastors Coalitions
  • Parachurch ministries
  • Pulpit Swaps
  • Book Recommendations
  • Article sharing or website promoting
  • And more

Please click on the link and read the rest of the article, which expounds on the scriptures from 2 John. It’s good and expounds on why we should not squander our religious capital on false teachers. Any religious capital we may have accumulated is due to the grace Jesus gave us in our regeneration and the subsequent work of the Spirit in raising us children in sanctification. We should not misuse it by giving credibility to people who only seek to draw people away from His good name.

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  1. I am concerned that the conference platform which Alistair Begg will share with two well-known false teachers has every possibility of becoming an “approval stamp” for a terrible misadventure that will one way or another entice (if not persuade) the lost, the Scripturally and/or spiritually immature, and the many “uninformed” believers who have little or no idea what a false teacher or gospel is, to follow after Tony Evans and Beth Moore’s most egregious and treacherous ideologies and credenda, which are unquestionably based in Gnosticism, Pelagianism, Direct Revelation from God, Arianism, and other off-shoot heresies. SOURCES:;;; and


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