Your Worst Life Now

By Elizabeth Prata

I saw this meme on Twitter. The ‘best life now’ mantra offends me.

I’m personally glad that this is my worst life now. It’s hard and upsetting. I can’t wait until there is only joy and peace.

As for the unsaved, sadly, John MacArthur said at the Strange Fire conference some years ago,

All peoples need to hear this mantra, which is no mantra but only absolute truth:

From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17)


2 thoughts on “Your Worst Life Now

  1. Hello my dear new friend, Elizabeth. It’s so encouraging to encounter a Sister-in-Christ. I’ve struggled to find a woman who can feed and teach me in the way I’ve become accustomed to with John MacArthur. Thank you. This is beautiful. Paul Washer…what an amazing man of God he is. Selfless. Utterly selfless. I love this. The contrast is so stark, isn’t it? I know there are other women out there. I’m not saying that. Your style simply resonates with my passion and love of God’s Truth and agony over what’s happening in the church. Loving our enemies is one thing. Friendly fire from those claiming to be Christians are another level entirely. Paul Washer is certainly one who defends God Word. Once again, I’m grateful to have found you. Karen Cote


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