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Shooting: 19-2 and the episode “School”

By Elizabeth Prata

Shootings are horrible. Children who die in shootings is horrible. I work in a school. School shootings make me quake like no other. The reality as close to living a High School shooting as it’s possible to live, yet not be there was depicted on the Canadian TV show 19-2, season 2.1.

The episode was actually based on the Montral Dawson College shooting in 2006. Canada was not quite ready for the revisiting, even in dramtic TV form 9 years later, but they got it anyway.

Not that I’d want to live through it, but the way the series presents the situation realistically, but not gratuitously, & w/that famous long unbroken 13-minute single camera scene, haunts me. If you want to know what living through a shooting is like as a cop, a high school student, or a parent, watch 19-2’s episode of “School“.

You can see the episode on Amazon Prime/Acorn TV for $2.99. It is worth it. It is also as of this writing, on Vimeo. The episode was the most intense television or movie watching I EVER saw, to this day. I think it is the most intense television ever possible to watch. This episode is commercial free.

The Canadian magazine The Star wrote, “an episode that includes 60 of the most breathtaking minutes on television.”

I see tweets and comments making jokes about the El Paso mall shooting that occurred today in which 20 were killed and 24 were wounded. Some were children. Jerks immediately began politicizing it or over-layering race and ethnicity into it. After you watch “School“, then go ahead and politicize, joke, or crack wise about shootings. If you do, you will know you are mentally dead, emotionally putrid, and politically void.



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