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Interlude: Thoughts on our Dazzling, Righteous, Holy Savior

By Elizabeth Prata

Sometimes when I read the Bible and I learn the deep truths of God, I cry and turn my face away, saying, “God, it’s too much for me!” Not that I am super spiritual. Sometimes when I read the Bible, I read it just to get through the reading for that day. Then I repent of my lack of focus and attention.

But other days when the deep truths wind around my heart, pierce my mind and grip me, I begin to glimpse an understanding of why a sinner cannot be near to the Holy God. If they approached in their craven state they would immediately die, exploding into a million molecules of depraved rebellion. God in His holy state IS too much for us, as sinners.

The grace that saved me sometimes is also too much to contemplate, but I do, I must, because it is through that grace that I may envisage my Savior. I can approach the throne boldly and not explode into a million molecules of depraved rebellion, but be welcomed as a beloved daughter, covered by His blood and enshrouded in His love.

The mystery of God’s love and grace are intensely dazzling to consider. What joy we have His word to do it through. Read your Bible today.



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