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Motherhood involves raising the child, not being the child

By Elizabeth Prata

I started my self-designed Summer Reading Plan yesterday. Now that I’m home from school and all that. One of the books I’d bought in the Banner of Truth “Godly Women” sale was a pamphlet written by a pastor’s wife, Sara Leone. It’s a short, 48 page book, called Her Husband’s Crown. It’s about the responsibilities of a pastor’s wife that do not relate to her supposed role as ‘The First Lady of the Church’ yet, nor is she ‘just another member’. She has certain basic responsibilities laid upon her, according to the blurb. The booklet aims to help her fulfill these as the pastor’s wife serves the Lord alongside her husband.

The book is full of plain common sense advice. Simple, but we need that nowadays, as books aimed at women too often are filled with either legalistic or complicated pseudo-psychological advice or overly simplistic bullet points pointing toward a faux man-made bliss. The author opens with the foundational premise describing the mission field of wifehood/motherhood, its high importance, and its beauty (long term).

One of the tidbits I enjoyed in the book was the following plain statement, when she contrasted the world’s view of women with God’s view.

However, we live in a time when the virtues of motherhood are discounted and undervalued. So much attention is given in our culture to self-fulfillment, self-gratification, and self-actualization. Motherhood, on the other hand, is all about caring for the needs of another. It involves self-giving and self-denial.

Elisabeth Elliot writes:

Maturity starts with the willingness to give oneself. Childishness is characterized by self-centeredness. It is only the emotionally and spiritually mature who are able to lay down their lives for others, those who are ‘masters of themselves that they might be servants of others’. (From: Let Me Be A Woman).

I’ll write a book review when I complete the book.

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