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I like Ayanna Mathis’s writing. Her name was Ayanna Thomas, but she was married last week, congratulations! So now she is Ayanna Mathis. I’ve re-posted one or two things from her before. Ayanna is young, but wise. She makes sense, is gentle, humble, and a good writer.

She posts on Instagram ayannazariya. She had a blog called The Biblically Sound Woman with lots of good stuff, but stopped updating on it, though her writing is still there to be read and enjoyed. She stopped her podcast a year ago, too, choosing to drive most of her material to Instagram, where she also posts ‘Stories’ (videos). In addition to videos on Bible topics, she creates videos on the topics of healthful living and also makeup.

Ayanna posted this week on the notion of ‘Quiet Time’. Do you struggle to carve out a quiet time to read your Bible, pray, journal, or do a devotional? There are many young mothers in our church. It seems like a baby is being born just about every week! LOL seriously, about 6 or 8 babies have been added to the church family in the last year. Another baby came home from the hospital just last night! But that’s to be expected, our main demographic when we founded the church three years ago was college and just beyond, so this is the season for folks to marry and start families. It’s wondrous to see.

But with that comes time management issues, exhaustion, and bewilderment! So I thought of the young moms, busy moms, or any woman who struggles with finding a quiet time, and I repost this piece for your perusal. I hope it edifies you as it did me. I broke the chain in my Bible reading plan and got a week behind, and felt bad about that. I’m caught up, but even with the pleasure of reading His word in an organized way, as through this plan, there is a mild pressure to ‘perform’ and guilt when I don’t.

And be sure to check out Ayanna’s Instagram. Her photos are gorgeous too. She is one talented lady.


It’s been said that if you miss your quiet time for whatever reason, some how you’re lacking whatever instructions God wants to give you for your day. What can often be well-intentioned admonitions, can turn into a legalistic, “do this or you don’t get that” approach to meeting with God. And the way our busy schedules, course loads at school, children waking up at all odd hours of the night and sleep deprivation being so real are set up, we cannot afford to buy into self-deprecating messages that do us no eternal good.

I’m reminded of Exodus 25:1-9 when I think of what God does when He calls us to dwell with Him. He never said that the conditions would be perfect. He never said that He wasn’t sovereign enough to not make a ripe environment for the wayward people He chose to know Him. You know what He did instead? He spoke to Moses, told him to tell the people to take up a contribution for Him and gave specific instructions on how to build a sanctuary for God to what? DWELL IN THEIR MIDST.

God doesn’t approach quiet times the way that we often do, just as He didn’t lay on these thick, unachievable expectations on the people of Israel. He GAVE them the contributions needed from when they plundered Egypt before they got out of there. He GAVE them instructions on what to use, how to use it and how to build. And He GAVE them the knowledge that this wasn’t a little Pinterest project. This was purposed so, “that I may dwell in their midst.” (Ex. 25:8)

Your Bible is not a weapon to be used to beat yourself up with for not getting to it quick enough. It is an invitation from The Lord to see one of the means He has chosen to use to dwell in the midst of His people. Christian Woman, God is invading your space with provision for you to know Him. He’s The One working out pockets in your day to afford you the great opportunity to dwell with Him.

The Bible isn’t ineffective because we miss a few days. God by His Spirit is going to lead you even if you broke the streak in your Bible reading plan. Open up The Scriptures today, not out of a defeated mindset, but out of one that is encouraged. God is bigger than YOU.

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