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Prata Potpourri: Women’s Day, Fencing the Lord’s Table, Discernment thinking, Girl, again?? More…

By Elizabeth Prata

My friend the school secretary related a cute story. One of the staff is retiring. The office personnel were congratulating him. A little student was nearby, and she was asked, ‘He is retiring, do you know what retiring means?’

She piped up, “Yes. It’s when you don’t actually quit your job, you just get old and go home”.

Well then! Out of the mouths of babes…

On to Potpourri:

thornsThink the grass will be greener over there in those ministries? Not always so…A good essay from Michael Kruger.
Yes, There are ‘Thorns’ in Vocational Ministry Too


Girl, you got problems… Rachel Hollis’s book(s) Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing lack a proper theological framework, thereby being unsuitable for Cristian consumption. And by the way, they also seem to be plagiarized from un-acknowledged sources, which render them unsuitable for anyone.

Jen Oshman reviews Hollis’s latest book: Girl, Follow Jesus

Buzzfeed presents some information on the allegation of plagiarizing in Influencer Rachel Hollis Is Facing Accusations She Is Plagiarizing On Her Instagram

Katelyn Beaty at Christianity Today adds to the conversation about Hollis’s books in Girl, Get Some Footnotes: Rachel Hollis, Hustle, and Plagiarism Problems


The discernment lesson in this one is good. Hey, the whole thing is good.
The Servant Leader Shuns Unbiblical Thinking

How did Spurgeon fence the Lord’s Table, anyway? A view on the issue of open communion, or closed?

Open Book: Books by R.C. Sproul and John MacArthur have had a profound impact on so many people. But which books influenced their lives and ministries? Listen each week on Open Book as we hear about the books that shaped their thinking. This week- John MacArthur and A.W. Pink’s Spiritual Growth (Podcast)

Properly Celebrating Women’s Day at Delivered By Grace. “While we can certainly recognize progress of women’s equality in many ways in our culture, how should we as followers of Jesus celebrate women and the place of women in our lives, our culture, and our churches?”


Table Talk Magazine examines individual and societal loneliness. I’ve been interested in this topic ever since I was a journalist in the early 2000’s, observing and reporting on society via sports events, civic meetings, clubs, and organizations. How do people interact these days? In 2001 Robert Putnam published his groundbreaking book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Society. I recommend it.

TableTalk article: All the Lonely People

I read this book by Wiersbe in order to review it, recommended:

Lonely People: Biblical Lessons on Understanding and Overcoming Loneliness Living Lessons from God’s Word, by Wiersbe, Warren



Julie-Ann Baumer in Maine has a nice folksy way about her. I enjoy her blog posts
In the Rear-view Mirror

Jessica Fisher at Good, Cheap Eats has an article on 8 Great Taco Fillings. I’ve been enjoying Mexican food a lot lately, so it’s on my mind. Maybe you’ll enjoy these too.



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