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“In 2019 let’s open the Bible differently” by Ayanna Thomas

I really like Ayanna’s writing. This is a repost/share from her Instagram. She posts photos, long captions, and mini-videos frequently. If you want, check her out.


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LET’S OPEN THE BIBLE DIFFERENTLY IN 2019 Tonight, some woman who desires to know the path God has chosen for her, will hear a false teacher tell her that all she has to do is “activate” the will of God by some human means. Tonight, some woman will struggle to see how God’s sovereignty sustained her this year, even though her 2018 was riddled with bad decisions and sinful choices, despite God saving her with the shedding of irrevocable, non-refundable blood of Christ. This New Year, many women will be enticed by, carried along into, and some willfully deceived, by those who hate their God, yet declare things about Him from an unregenerate state, week after week. The podcasts misconstruing God’s Word, the influencers promoting doctrines that have no merit up against God’s Word, the inward wrong beliefs, that keep us from having assurance of our salvation, will come and fight to take your attention from our Savior and His Word. I know this may sound pretty grim, but as a teacher, I’ve watched, listened, read, prayed and grieved over so much of what has been targeting God’s daughters this year. I’ve listened to the popular sermons, I’ve read some of the books and lots of the articles that we’re fed, I’ve seen how far so much of it, is from the heart of God, the truth of His Word, the nature of His character. Sisters, we don’t have to go into the New Year with the same things we did in 2018. We can build ourselves up in healthy local church communities. We can believe and rehearse The Gospel message daily. We can understand and get through the hard to read passages in The Bible. We can pray, Study The Scriptures, see a therapist and take medication if needed, WHILE trusting God for healing ALL at the same time! We can leave behind our shares and reposts of teachers who dangerously twist and take out of context, what is supposed to be for our instruction and help. We CAN do this differently. But, it starts here, IN God’s Word, pacing ourselves, doing it in community, wrestling with the tension of learning and trusting that God wants this more for us than we do. Please, share with me below, what you desire to do differently with God’s Word this New Year!

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