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Real Talk and Upcoming posts

Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for reading! In a few short months I’ll have been writing daily at this blog for ten years. That is a testament to the Holy Spirit and His Word that there is so much information to plumb in one closed canon!

When blogs first came to the fore, I was delighted. I’m a writer, though I’ve never managed to make a living at it. I have always had the urge to write-write-write, but publication avenues for me, the little guy, were tightly held by publishing gatekeepers.

So when the gates opened and publishing on a global platform became available via blogs, I was thrilled. However, the dangers only grew, because now my one and only “client” is Jesus. In addition, I need to write what He would want me to write, but I need to study in order to learn what would please Him.

One danger of long-term blogging is complacency. It would be terrible to take advantage of Jesus’s love and forgiveness and write sloppily about Him.

Another danger is marginalizing Him. Writing about my own desires and interests would be terrible on a blog devoted to exalting His name.

An additional kind of danger to writing for years is casualness with Bible verses. Vigilance is required in the Christian walk and that goes for everything we do, but especially what we do specifically in His name.

Anyway, you get the idea. I want Jesus to be the forefront of all I write and do in life and on the blog.

Below are some topics I plan to write about in upcoming days. Have a blessed weekend and week ahead everyone!

The Great Banquet (Man-made weekend retreat, not the biblical promise)

The Origin of Satan

The End of Satan

Slavery: Ancient and Modern

Kay Cude Poetry

A Day in the Life of A: Potter

Sunday Word of the Week: Immutability

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  1. Congratulations, it is such a joy to read your blogs and I look forward to all the ones you will write on in the future. You are a very blessed writer, thank you.


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