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Prata Potpourri: Women’s edition

By Elizabeth Prata

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When I drive to work each morning I am so thankful for it all. I’m thankful always, of course, but in the mornings with the sun glowing pink, and the clouds gently wafting over the pastures, and cows calmly munching, ribbons of road winding over the foothills of the Appalachians…I just sigh and think,

“God why did you make the world so beautiful? What will the NEW Earth look like, if this one is so gorgeous?”

He gave me a job, and good people to work with, and these pretty hills and fields to look at. My eyes are filled with beauty wherever I glance, and kindness abounds here.

I got home this Friday afternoon and I am glad to relax. I had a good week but a busy one, and I’m grateful now for the peace and quiet. I have some 80s music on (I’m old), my cats are nearby, and I have a snack by my side. I plan to finish this blog and then watch the next episode in my Pilgrim’s Progress series on Ligonier Connect, the educational section of Ligonier Ministries. Dr Derek Thomas is teaching both part 1 and part 2 of  Bunyan’s classic, and I’m really enjoying it.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy these essays, and podcasts, all by women in various stages of life. Have a nice weekend everyone.

DebbieLynne Kespert at The Outspoken Tulip talks about how our perspective shifts as we age.

The reaction reminds me of my attitude toward my grandmother (and toward most adults) during the social upheaval of the 60s and 70s. As far as I was concerned, Gran had absolutely no concept of the problems her generation and my mother’s generation had created in the United States of America.

Jess Pickowicz ponders what it means to live simply and discovers it’s more complex that she thought

Michelle Lesley in a timeless article about how our lives as Christians isn’t always the primrose path. Or even sometimes. Throwback Thursday ~ I Beg Your Pardon? I Never Promised you a Rose Garden.

Carrie at Carrie’s Busy Nothings reviews what’s on her nightstand– this month, a lovely and charming British mystery series she’s just discovered

Ayanna Thomas says Please Don’t Thank Me for my Obedience to God

Does our guilt and repentance mean we have an emotional, tearing clothes, multi-page, tear drenched journaling experience? The Femina Gals say no. Gracious and good gravy, no, because that can lead to…well, skip to minute 16 in the podcast for the reason.

A Narrow-Minded Woman shares a song from history or present day that present a high view of God, praises Him, and teaches solid doctrine. This past Monday it was Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs: “We Praise Thee with Our Mind, O Lord”

Julie-Ann Baumer muses about mowing the lawn. 

Here are the scenes from my Friday.



A beautiful sunrise glowed in the sky as I pulled into school this morning.

Increasingly, Murray likes to be near me. He says goodbye when I leave and runs to the door when I come home.

Bert isn’t as fast to run to the door when I come home but he moseys in soon enough. Though, he refused to look at me for the picture, lol.

Chilled lime water and 2 chocolate chip cookies for my after school snack. Hello weekend!


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