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Summer Reading

Edited to add the full names of the books, & some links to resources., and to add this wonderful link,

How to Sharpen Your Concentration for Bible Reading


I want to accomplish a lot this summer, and not slide into laziness as I usually do. There are many temptations. The Tony Reinke book 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You spoke to me. I don’t have a smart phone but I do have a laptop and I enjoy being online all day. But I succumb to distractions just as the Reinke book noted people do with smartphones. I need discipline, and I also need to re-invigorate the atrophied “reading books” muscle I’ve let shrivel.

I noticed that my lengthier reading times, with hard copy in hand, seems to be shrinking as I absorb much smaller bytes in shorter bursts on the screen either on the laptop or Kindle. It bodes ill for lengthier Bible reading, Commentary reading, and so on. This needs to stop, and stop now.

Therefore, I made a schedule to determine if it’s even possible to read 7 books, listen 34 seminary lectures, and learn 90 pages of complicated biblical doctrine, plus continue blogging each day and keeping up with my own Bible reading, and all of it absorbed comprehensibly. The answer is to schedule it out over my summer vacation and then ‘just do it.’

The Romans day is due to a new class being offered at church, led by our elder who is a Middle School Bible teacher who specializes in teaching Romans. John is because our teaching pastor is preaching through John this summer (and beyond).

The Chou lecture days are tough as is the Biblical Doctrine day so I scheduled an easier day on Friday. Seems to be working so far. I’m going through Exodus with Dr Chou of The Master’s University and Seminary. Many of his lectures are online *(but hurry, WikiSpaces is being shut down. Download the lectures to your computer before July 31). Pairing Lundgaard’s Enemy Within and Owen’s Indwelling Sin, which Lundgaard’s book is based on, seems to be a good idea so far. Or, apparently I need a double dose of learning how to slay sin, lol.

The goal is to glorify God and enjoy Him, by learning about Him and retaining and then acting on what I’ve learned. I want to aid my sanctification in as many ways as possible. As I grow and mature, I hate my sin worse and worse.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to this summer. What’s on your plate this season?


lundgaardindwelling sin

bib doc

Tackle Biblical Doctrine along with Jessica Pickowicz and the study guide she created especially for this monumental book. It’s here.

A good study Guide for Moby Dick is here.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. This is a great idea, even for those of us who don’t have the summer “off”. And thanks for the reminder to download Dr. Chou’s lectures. We’re studying 2 Samuel this summer, soI need to grab those now.


    1. I calculated the number of pages in each book, and then split the daily reading to manageable parcels over the course of the 9 weeks. Otherwise I’d either think I had all the time in the world, (which I don’t, summer ends quickly) or would get too overwhelmed with the stack of books thinking it isn’t doable. 🙂

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  2. We have a lot of adult educators in our church and also lots of college and graduate students who attend Univ GA. Many of us in the pews get the summer off. Our elder said last Sunday to redeem the time, not to let the Bible reading and studies slide, not to ‘take a vacation’ from our diligent spiritual pursuits. So this is my attempt to listen *and* be a doer.

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