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Worthless Sheba

Today’s reading, 2 Samuel 20:1-

“Now a worthless fellow happened to be there whose name was Sheba…”

The Bible is very honest about the people whose lives are recorded. John the Baptist the greatest man who ever lived (Mt 11:11). Noah, Daniel, Job declared righteous men, (‎Ez 14:14). David, a man after God’s own heart. (Acts 13:22). Mary found favor with God. (Luke 1:30).

We’d all aspire to lives that, if they were recorded, would be declared favorable, righteous, great. Poor Sheba, eternally declared “worthless”!

I am a sinful and flawed woman. Only in You I can do something. (John 15:5). Lord, let my life in you ever be tending toward the righteous and not the worthless!


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