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Prata Potpourri, Summer Edition: In which Victoria Elizabeth Barnes’ parents attempt to choose a beach house, & other stories

Here are some essays, photos, and thoughts I’ve gathered along the way this week. I found them interesting and edifying. I hope you do too.

First, ponder that Christ same as a man for sinners. A short picture verse from Logos, but a powerful one with rich layers of meaning. Do you behold the Man?

Sunny Shell at Abandoned To Christ with a thought-provoking poem, It Matters Not.

It’s summer. Are you considering going on that women’s retreat? Jen Oshman at Oshman Odyssey has some practical and edifying advice before you click “Register”.

Is it true that the first time the Pre-Tribulation rapture was preached was in the 1800s from John Darby, who supposedly invented the “theory”? Of course not. Here is Way of Life with a historical piece outlining the facts of When Was the Pre-Tribulation Rapture First Taught?

In the essay Moses Accuses You, Jennifer at One Hired Late In The Day reminds us that the Jews’ hunger for a political kingdom blinded them to the eternal kingdom.

At Practical Theology for Women we read about Giving Gifts the Receiver Wants. She is reading Leviticus, which is all about gifts. With Mother’s Day just passed, Father’s Day ahead, and Wedding Season upon us, it’s interesting to think about the relationship between gift giver and gift receiver.

Sharon Lareau at Chapter 3 Ministries has some information about One Greek word (kephale) and its relevance to your marriage. With wedding season here, it’s an edifying and important read.

Tony Reinke posted My Recent Smartphone Feature Articles. I’m reading his newest book 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You along with a number of folks at church, and we all love it. I don’t even have a smartphone or any cell phone, and the book is completely applicable to any technology. It isn’t anti-phone, it’s about making smart choices with our time- and so much more. If you don’t care to get and read Reinke’s book, the link brings you to several essays containing the meat of his message. I recommend it.

Samuel D. James at Mere Orthodoxy has some advice for budding writers. With the advent of blogs, eBook platforms and other technological innovations, getting published is more accessible than ever. But should you be published? Here is his advice on how to start writing seriously.

Apologist and all around brilliant person Robin Schumacher at Confident Christians has a good series on Counterfeit Christs. Himself raised in church but did not become a believer until age 19, Dr Schumacher is aware that many people in churches profess Christ but do not possess Him. This series illuminates the problem and offers solutions.

Julie-Ann Baumer is a Maine historian who focuses on Lewiston-Auburn area. I lived and worked in this area for many years so I follow her blog. He recently wrote about the first engagement of the Revolutionary war. Or rather, the first naval engagement of the Revolutionary War. It happened in Machias Maine and it was the incident involving the Lexington of the Seas and the ship Margaretta. Now you can wow your friends on the July 4th festivities with some Independence trivia. While you’re at it, look up the sinking of the Gaspee, which happened in April 1772 in Rhode Island. Also very interesting.

Looking for summer reading ideas? Solid Food Ministries does a yeoman’s work in reading, reviewing, and rating edifying books. Give them a look-see. On Goodreads, they have read 201 books. They are also on Facebook.

It’s lawn mowing season! Even when there’s a tornado. The Canadian #TornadoMowingMan is taking social media by storm. Ha ha pun intended. BBC has the story.

This young Alabama man has a mission to mow lawns for people in all 50 states, based on the neighbor helping neighbor concept. Good concept. Good kid.

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes writes about Choosing a Beach House with her parents. Aesthetics, family dynamics, and fervent personal opinions collide. Hilariously.

That reminds me … beach season is here!!

Enjoy the week, the weather, the beach, the whatever you’re doing. Summer is short, no matter where you live. Or as Shakespeare said in Sonnet 18,

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:


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