What Happens When You Die?

One Hired Late In The Day

This morning I woke to the news that a friend from high school had passed away yesterday from cancer.  I had not seen him in 20 years.  

15322443_622623937917118_379853637_oEvery one of us will die one day.  And when someone in our lives dies, especially when it is a friend or loved one, it stirs up questions in our minds about what happens after death.  Some of you may quickly blow that assertion off with “don’t be silly, nothing happens, we are dead that’s it.”  Let me ask you something: can you truly imagine yourself not existing?  Stop for a minute and try to imagine not existing; being dead.  I bet you can’t, really.  You at least envision everything being black/dark.  But even in that scenario, aren’t you aware of the darkness?  Be honest.  I would guess that you can’t really imagine yourself not existing and here’s why: the Bible says…

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