Do you know an untethered Millennial?

Do you know a millennial who is “untethered’? Someone who says they know Jesus but don’t KNOW Jesus through His word? Todd Friel of Wretched fame does. he witnesses n campuses throughout the United States and is saddened and alarmed by what he sees.

As a result, he is producing a movie called Untethered. They are halfway to their financing goal. From their web page,

Source Wretched

Help us reach the “Untethered” generation!

Millennials are not stupid. But they are not wise. Even the worldview of young professing Christians is downright untethered from the Bible. We need to reach these kids, and our own kids, so their lives, hopes, futures and eternities are tethered in God’s Word.

Todd Friel will host this eye-opening 6 episode series that features on campus encounters with Millennials and an incredible lineup of great teachers:

-Dr. John MacArthur
–Ray Comfort
–Phil Johnson
–Emeal “E.Z.” Zwayne
–Dr. Steve Lawson
–Philip Decourcy
–Dr. Abner Chou
–Mike Adams
This show has a three-fold goal:

  1. To expose the minds of Millennials to understand how and what they are thinking.
  2. To equip the saints to reach this untethered generation.
  3. Provide the tools for parents/youth pastors/ Sunday school teachers to help our kids not become untethered.

You have our word, the Gospel will be front and center! We believe God us going to use this program to save many…for generations to come.


Please consider donating. Please consider praying for the film to reach hearts and minds for the glory of Christ. Praying for the team at Wretched is a great idea too! I’m looking forward to the film’s release.