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Movie Review: Angel in the House (AKA "Foster")

I watched a good movie, called Angel in the House, but also known as Foster. At Internet Movie Database you will find it under the name “Foster” which is a terrible name. I don’t know why this film has two names, but the film I’m talking about titled Angel in the House 2011 is not to be confused with the short film Angel in the House 1978 or the 2005 short film Foster on which the longer 2011 I’m reviewing today film is based and in which the entire first ten minutes are the same. Got it?

The name is the only thing that is terrible about this movie, however. It is a sweet, cute, sentimental, charming fairy tale of a film. Easy on the eyes, melting of the heart, it’s a light and airy meringue with great acting and a satisfying ending.

The plot as summarized at,

Zooey and Alec Morrison are a married couple who are struggling to bridge the painful gap that is developing between them. Unable to conceive, the Morrisons await confirmation of a child to foster. One day, a seven years old boy who calls himself Eli appears on their doorstep quite mysteriously, explaining the foster agency has sent him. The boy is old beyond his years and it becomes apparent that he is the listening ear amongst the couple’s marriage breakdown. Eli offers moral support and idealistic suggestions to his foster parents on how to repair and re-kindle their love for each other. The couple begin to rebuild their foundations at home, at work and emotionally until they find the love they once had for each other. But all may not be as it seems… is there an angel in the house? Or two or three?

There’s really not much more to say. It’s family friendly 100%. It is cute and worthwhile. On Hulu under the name Angel in the House.


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