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The Word of the Cross: Spoken Word Animation by Chris Powers

Chris Powers is a seminary student, husband, and animator. His website is called Full of Eyes (FOE) and is at His goal is to create free visual resources for the global Church.

He has an account at Patreon to which you can donate, to help him continue his free-for-anybody Gospel materials. He has created animations to music, study guides, and tracts, and in several languages, too. I support him at Patreon, and I am an admirer of his work.

Now, Chris has completed a new animation called The Word of the Cross. In this new work, Chris chose to use a speaking voice reading scripture overlaid on his animations and illustrations, rather than let the lyrics of a properly acquired song to do the work. Chris says,

As you guys know, this is the first of what I hope will eventually become the norm for FOE, that is, videos set to spoken word or scripture with instrumental backgrounds….I think this allows for more pointed communication of doctrines and concepts…..but, that being said, the next two animations planned are set to lyrical songs, so, I’m not making a “hard break” from the past 😉 May the Lord use this animation and its discussion guide to open eyes and minds and hearts and hands through the gospel of the glory of His Son!

Download a study guide which also contains the scripture references, to go along with the animation here.


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