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Steve Lawson Thug Life, Calvinist Light Bulb joke, how to twist the bible, Challies graphic, etc.

Here are some dribs and drabs. Nothing too long or involved.

From Ray Comfort’s Facebook page:

(Ray Comfort) QUESTION is asked: “What do you say to devoted and faithful gay Christians?” R.J.
RAY COMFORT ANSWERS: “I would say the same thing that I would say to devoted and faithful adulterous people who call themselves Christians. Or to devoted and faithful people who steal or fornicate, and call themselves Christians.I would tell them that hypocrisy is self-deceptive, that we cannot serve sin and call ourselves Christians.I would only say that because I care about those who profess to be saved, but don’t have “the things that accompany salvation.”

I love Tim Challies‘ work with graphical presentations of truth.

“If a truth is worthy to be revealed in the Bible, it is worthy of being preached. And so, I don’t make apology – well, you knew that – I don’t make any apology for preaching the doctrine of predestination or election.” S. Lewis Johnson, sermon The Grandest Epistle

Here is how to not just twist, but mangle, God’s word. Making the rounds on nominal Christian’s Facebook pages. Satan is the creations’ MOST subtle creature.

A guy on Youtube takes very short clips from famous pastors dropping the boom on this false teaching or that false pastor. Thug Life, lol. Here, Steve Lawson drops the boom on Joel Osteen.

Ouch. Hard truth ahead. Judgment cometh

I laughed very hard at this. And again and again and again as I re-told it at church Sunday to my three Calvinist friends there.

John MacArthur preaching through the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5, 6, and 7. This is his sermon in the series, “Happiness Is…

Listen, if you’re looking for happiness in the world’s goods, you’re in the wrong place. The tree of happiness doesn’t grow in the cursed earth. It’s not there. Physical things don’t touch the soul. Did you get that? It’s a simple point but I want you to think it through. Physical things don’t touch the soul. You cannot fill a spiritual need with a physical substance. It can’t be done. But people try to do it.

You know, I mean if you’re really miserable in your marriage, go buy a new car. Or if you had a rotten argument with your wife, go out and buy a new suit. You’ll feel better. You cannot fill a spiritual need with a physical substance.

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; Psalm 1:1


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