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Rare Weather Phenomenon Fills Grand Canyon with Fog; plus intensity limits of severe storms is increasing

A study on Weather and the Bible shows just how much God is in control of it and how much He uses it for His purposes. Far from an indirect happenstance, all weather is causal, and originates with God.

Some of it is brought about by satan, insofar as God allows him. As the author of the Weather and the Bible page I mentioned above, Diane Dew states, “However, Satan’s efforts must pass divine approval and are limited to the extent God allows.

For example, He sends the frost to kill the trees (Psalm 78:47) and He sends the dew to refresh the land (Genesis 27:28). He sends the dew even to refresh the people. (Numbers 11:9).

God sends the thunder and lighting and rain and floods and hail and wind, and well, everything. As we see above, He has purposes of building up and sustaining, and He has and purposes of tearing down. Sometimes it is to show His power and sometimes it is to bring about repentance.

Therefore every weather event is from God. However not every weather event is a word FROM God. Sometimes a tornado on a Monday in 1912 may have results of an impact God wanted to make on a Tuesday of 2013. We don’t know, a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. (2 Peter 3:8).

However, there is one overarching fact about the weather and it ties in with the general curse of the world. Things will devolve. Things are always going to get worse over time. This includes sin. It includes the world’s curse. (Genesis 3:17-19, Romans 8:20, Hebrews 6:8). It includes weather.

We are told that in general, because the world is cursed and things will get worse, the end times will have worsening weather. The end times are between when Jesus ascended and when He comes back, including the last 7 years of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble AKA the Tribulation. (Hebrews 1:2, James 5:3). We are in the last days. But we have been since NT bible times.

The weather will get worse because the curse gets worse and everything is going to be like labor pangs. Labor pangs start off with a gestation, build to the moment of water breaking, and culminates in ever shortening pains. Then the bloody birth.

Luke 21:11 speaks of earthquakes, and Luke 21:25-26 speaks of roaring waters and signs in the heavens. Matthew 24:7 speaks of famines and Revelation 11:6 speaks of droughts. The Holman Bible Dictionary explains, “A famine is an extreme shortage of food, and a drought is an excessive dryness of land. The Bible reports or predicts the occurrence of several famines and droughts. Drought was the most common cause of famines mentioned in the Bible.”

I’ve long noted that increasingly, weathermen claim that unusual phenomena are occurring. They have used superlatives like “rare” and “never before seen.” They use terms like “unexpected”, and are often “perplexed” over why or how these weather things are happening. When they run out of superlatives, having reached the top level in descriptors, they double up in attempting to describe what they are seeing. In one recent case, the Joplin tornado, the rough and tumble weather man just stood there and cried, his mind unable to come up with fitting descriptions for the devastation he was seeing.

This is an example to me of prophecy coming alive. When we see people who are in the know (or who claim to be in the know) struggling to explain on the ground an event that was once something only theorized in textbooks, then it is indicative of something out of the norm of human experience. Prophecy is the intersection of the explainable and the supernatural. I believe we’re at that point now.

Regular readers will know that I keep track of how many earthquakes are occurring over time. Earthquakes are mentioned in many of the prophetic texts as the indicator of the last days, including Luke, Matthew, and Revelation. Jesus mentioned them as a sign. Hence my interest.

On the last day of each year, I post a long-term trend chart in seeing how many quakes have occurred that year in four different magnitudes, using US Geological Survey data and their norms. I started peeking into this year’s results in early November, as we are coming up on Dec 31st. Initially when I looked at the data at the beginning of November, the number of 5.0-5.9 quakes was very far below the annual average posted by USGS. However, that has picked up significantly. Whether we read or exceed the average number is unknown, as it is unknown as to what it means if we do (or don’t.) But here is where the number of quakes stands now, as of December 5, 2013. I’ll post the final chart on the 31st in the evening. Click to enlarge

In fact, here are two more examples of this intersection or the normal and the supernatural in terms of weather.

Found on My Modern Met: yet another rare, once in a decade event, happening twice in three days!

Rare Weather Phenomenon Fills Grand Canyon with Fog
What an awe-inspiring sight! A few days ago, on Friday, November 29, The Grand Canyon was taken over by a rare weather phenomenon that filled the entire canyon with a thick layer of fog. The occurrence, called a temperature inversion, caused everyone, including rangers, to flock to the rim to take photos of it. As the Grand Canyon National Park Facebook page stated, “Rangers wait for years to see it. Word spread like wildfire and most ran to the rim to photograph it. What a fantastic treat for all!” If you stayed just a few more days, you could see it again as it happened twice in three days! Visitors to the canyon both on Friday and Sunday were able to witness the stunning, once-in-a-decade event.

Photo: NPS Photo by Erin Whittaker

What does it mean that the rare, once-in-a-decade event occurs twice in three days? I believe it is the Lord speaking to us. Now, if that was the only event happening, that in itself is not indicative of anything, except maybe a furrowed brow and a verbal “huh.” However the totality of global events occurring which align with prophecy, are increasing like birth pangs, and are unusual by any standard, is of more interest and deserves some attention and meditation by Christians.


Here is another event, happening now as I write. The meteorologists are saying “epic storm!” (notice the use of superlative, epic). They are “predicting power outages to last “5-10 days in some areas!

Epic Ice Storm Possible; Millions Could Lose Power

This winter storm is bringing record snow and record cold to a huge swathe of the middle of the US. They are describing the storm as crippling.

Was it only 10 months ago that another “historic” blizzard pounded New England? Nemo? Remember? (Feb 6, 2013).

How often has the new term ‘snowmageddon’ or ‘snowpocalypse’ been used lately? A lot, says Wikipedia.

  • North American blizzard of 2009 (Snowpocalypse)
  • February 5–6, 2010 North American blizzard (Snowmageddon)
  • February 9–10, 2010 North American blizzard (Snowmageddon: Snoverkill)
  • February 25–27, 2010 North American blizzard (Snowicane)
  • December 2010 North American blizzard
  • January 31 – February 2, 2011 North American blizzard
  • February 2013 North American blizzard
  • Winter of 2009–2010 in the United Kingdom

It’s obvious that increasingly the severe weather we are experiencing all over the globe is only getting worse. And we’re not done yet. Earth’s people have experienced the world’s biggest/worst storm, in October with typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines. The NBC Science News editor says:

Experts say Typhoon Haiyan was about as strong as it could theoretically get when it swept through the Philippines, killing thousands of people and driving hundreds of thousands from their homes. But intensity limits have been rising over decades past — and climate models suggest they will keep rising over the decades to come, with the potential for bigger and more devastating storms.”

If you are in the path of this ice and snow storm named Cleon, please be careful and listen to the officials. I’ve already seen so many photos depicting empty shelves swept clean in a shopping frenzy, no bottled water, or bread. There have been fatalities and sorrow already, panic and anxiety. Be anxious for nothing, though, the Lord has the weather in His hands, and you as well.


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