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Updated, Explosion in Tel Aviv. VIDEO: Commanders Prepare Troops for Ground Invasion

Breaking News (@‏BreakingNews) reports this morning: “Explosion heard in Tel Aviv area after sirens sound, witnesses say “- source Reuters.

Gaza/Hamas barrage Tel Aviv with rockets in successive fire this morning. Explosions heard, mobile phones down. No word on casualties or injuries. Follow BBC< Reuters or BreakingNews on Twitter FMI. ——————————– Posted by Israel's Arutz Sheva this morning, our time. It is midday there.

“IDF commanders began Friday morning to brief their troops in of a possible ground operation in Gaza. Thousands of reservists have been called up for duty, and a total of at least 16,000will be summoned for service. While troops gathered outside Gaza, terrorists in the area continued their attacks on civilian communities in southern Israel. More than 40 rockets have been fired since Friday morning. At least two rockets were fired at the city of Be’er Sheva. The Iron Dome system successfully shot them down. Four rockets were fired at Ashdod shortly before 11 a.m. They, too, were shot down by Iron Dome. Earlier in the morning terrorists fired a rocket that hit next to a residential building in the city, causing damage and sending four people into shock. A short time later, terrorists hit a broadcast truck with an anti-tank missile. The truck went up in flames, but nobody was injured.”

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Iran is behind much of this, trying to goad Israel into a war. Syria is watching to see also. Syria’s civil war has spilled over to Jordan, Turkey, Israel and Lebanon. The region is already hugely de-stabilized.

We have been praying that the LORD strengthen the church, that He deliver wisdom to the Middle East leaders, that the lost would repent, and that this would de-escalate. We will know in mere days if this is the beginning of the Psalm 83, Isaiah 19, and/or Isaiah 17 prophecies to be fulfilled. But make no mistake, even if it does calm down and no hot war begins today, the way things have been going on all prophetic fronts, this latest military exchange IS the final path to the eventual fulfillment. (Matthew 24:6) God knows the timing, but He gave us the privilege of prayer. So…pray.


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