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This and That

Here is some good stuff:

Pastor Jordan Hall’s website, Pulpit & Pen. I enjoy his forthrightness and his humor. A Montanan of the Reformed Southern Baptist variety, this young pastor is incisive and funny. For example, his latest essay as of this writing is titled, Friendship Evangelism: Winning Souls by Your Awesome Personality. LOL! Here is another sardonic romp, “Stupid Church Signs“.

Tim Challies has an excellent essay (when are they ever NOT excellent?) titled “Don’t tweet that sermon“. The piece explores five biblical-ish reasons not to live tweet a sermon. (I added the -ish because the bible doesn’t directly address iPads and tweeting, silly).

John MacArthur’s recent sermon “The startling servant of Jehovah.” Exploring Isaiah 52:13-15, my favorite bible teacher does it again, brings to life the majestic God that is Jesus while at the same time slaying me with the vividness of His personal sacrifice. If you need a great dose of Jesus, this sermon is it.

Erin Benzinger responded to the current issue of people eschewing ‘dry theology’ for live friendship Gospel-evangelizing in a pointed, clear, convicting way in Perry Noble misses the point. Don’t miss.

These are brothers and sisters in the faith, writing about life with Jesus as their backdrop. Their blogs are engaging, loving, and homey. If you want to visit some wonderful Christian people living life and honoring Jesus with their life and words, go to these blogs:

Lin: Backyard In Motion
Tracy: Nothing New Under the Sun
Lydia: Disciple’s Diary
Kelly: The Weeping Prophet 
Barbara: Wingabouts
Linda: Today’s Grace
Sandee: Serve Him In the Waiting
Jean-Louis: The Light Seed
Kim: The Incredible Gift
Child of God: CPR Ezra 8:23

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Revelation 2:29). Pray, read, and listen to Him, our Greatest treasure!


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