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How thin is civilization’s veneer? Thin, as this documentary shows

The following documentary from The History Channel is riveting. It depicts the beginning of, height, and aftermath of a global pandemic in which billions are killed. The famous phrase “nine meals from anarchy” is explained. It means that, grocery stores only have three days of food in stock at any given time, and when supply chains collapse, and no more food is delivered, people quickly will resort to anarchy when they go hungry. The veneer of civilization is very thin as Hurricane Katrina showed us, and this video illustrates how easily in this globally sophisticated world we can transmit a germ that causes a pandemic, and how soon after that, civilization collapses.

The documentary’s synopsis is- “What have past acts of destruction taught us about what will happen to mankind after the apocalypse? Is it inevitable that disaster will someday strike America on an unprecedented level? How has history prepared us? History’s most dramatic events–Hiroshima, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and others are examined and analyzed with hard data gathered from their massive aftereffects.”

It is all the more vivid because though the documentary begins with the statement: “This film is a theoretical account of a worst case scenario for global disaster.” However, the worst case scenario for global disaster is all too real and the account is a good example of what is going to happen in the future, if you are not raptured. Revelation’s Seal Judgments unleash death on a massive scale and within months, billions die. A fourth of the earth, in fact. Then more after that. (Rev 9:15) One of the Judgments is plague, (Rev 6:8), a global pandemic, exactly like the one shown in the documentary. However, unlike the pandemic in the documentary, the remaining population in the real world Tribulation will also be dealing with wars, violence, and anarchy on a scale never seen before, no, nor shall ever be again. (Matthew 24:21).

Please watch the video with this in mind and turn to Jesus to avoid all the hell on earth that is coming your way. Reconcile with Him, He put eternity in your heart, after all, (Ecc 3:11) so you know you want to…

If you begin watching you won’t be able to stop, they’re that realistic.



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