Something terrible happened. Think positive

Something wonderful happened. I posted earlier today about a boy that was drowned, dead, non-responsive for over 15 minutes, who was brought to the hospital and then he awoke, and even more miraculously, he had no lingering effects of his drowning ordeal. The group swimming at the beach was a church youth group, and when the boy was swept out to sea, they began praying on their knees. It was a great story. I felt very good after reading it, and I was so grateful to be thinking of that all day long.

Something terrible happened. A Texas father threw his four-year-old son out of his car “like a bag of garbage”  and left him standing on a West Texas highway. The father drove off. It was 3 am along a cactus-strewn area of nothing in the middle of nowhere. A passing motorist saw  the boy move in the gloomy morning light and stopped to check out the situation. The motorist brought the boy to the hospital, and the doctors extracted 500 cactus spines from him. He was dehydrated too, but thankfully that was the extent of his injuries.

Have you ever been to West Texas? I have. There is nothing there. Except javelinas. Coyotes. Foxes. Creosote bushes. Cactus. Rattlesnakes. AND A FOUR-YEAR-OLD BOY! Here is a google street view photo of Interstate 20 as it winds into Sweetwater.

I was so upset reading this story I cried like a baby. I was distressed and angry and wretched. I prayed so hard for the Lord to perform justice on the world and for the rapture to occur so that the children would be safe in eternity with their Father. I thought about the kid’s dad, and I was mad that the world has come to such a state where a person would even think of doing this let alone actually do it.

So I was thinking, how can I hang I emotionally until the rapture? I work with children in an elementary school. This is my fourth year working with children in school here in GA. I was a teacher in Maine for 12 years, working with kids in a depressed inner city from 1982 to 1994. Even though I was teaching in an inner city back then, the conditions I see now are worse. Not as many kids are bringing snacks to school as they used to. More children are on free and reduced lunch. More programs are starting that strive to put food in kids backpacks so they can eat over the weekend. They are wearing clothes that are too big and fall off them at recess as they run around. They wear clothes that they’ve outgrown and are so tight they literally can’t sit down on the floor to put together a puzzle. They have old shoes taped together, live unsettling home lives, are getting evicted, moving a lot from one family member to other family member. In other words, I’ve never seen things so bad with these children, and I mourn over them. I pray over them. I love them.

Suffice it to say, children in these terrible times are much on my mind. When I read the story out of Texas, I lost it. It put me over the top.

But then I started thinking of the joy. With Jesus, there is always joy. I decided to focus on the child, and the miracles that had to have happened around the rescue of the boy that are just as miraculous as the rescue of the drowned boy up above. First, if you know four year olds, the fact that he stayed by the road is a miracle. That for the three hours he was stranded, he didn’t move even an inch from the roadside was wonderful. Wandering into the desert would likely have been the end of him. The fact that no animal got to him is also wonderful. That a motorist spotted the boy in the gloom was also a miracle. Angels must have been tightly surrounding the boy and ministering to him. THAT is how to hang in there emotionally until the rapture- choose joy. Seek joy. Trust the Lord.

With Jesus, there is always joy to be found in any situation. Sometimes, we don’t know how a situation turned out, but faith in Him means that we take to heart the verse that says “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” We know that these two boys were rescued, but for the ones where we don’t know the end, trust Him to work it out to the good. (Romans 8:28). The verse doesn’t say ‘some things work together for the good’ it says all things. Evil does exist in the world and it is more visible than ever. But Jesus works it out for those who love Him. And some day those of us who love Him, and the children, will be whisked away to His dwelling place in heaven to be glorified and freed from the effects of sin.

No more little boys will be abandoned. No more teens will be drowned. No more kids will be hungry or cold or sad. He is working all things to the good. In the midst of evil, choose joy. Trust Him when it seems there is no joy in sight. Because there is!!!!!!!!!