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Heat wave update: Detroit without power due to excessive demand; evacuations, closures

An update, or an addendum, to an earlier post about the heat wave

Power system failure forces evacuations in Detroit
“Sections of downtown Detroit lost power Thursday afternoon after high demand for energy caused the city’s municipal power system to have a major failure, city officials said. The outage forced the evacuation of the Coleman Young Municipal Center, the McNamara federal building, the county courthouse, Cobo Center and some schools. Mayoral spokeswoman Karen Dumas told The Associated Press she was at her desk typing an email when the blackout occurred at 2:30 p.m. Dumas said the outage was due to extreme power demand in the last few days for air conditioning and city officials had been warned a brownout could occur. She said it could take at least 24 hours to fix the issue, though Detroit’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Brown said he hopes it can be restored by Thursday night. Brown said one of the five transmission lines from a power station on the city’s southwest side went down Wednesday, and two more went down Thursday.”

In the Tribulation, the fourth bowl judgment is heat. If we are experiencing disruption and economic woes now from a one week, 90-degree heat ave, then what of this? Think about the state of the world then. War has claimed a fourth of humanity, Pestilence has claimed more. Successive earthquakes and other violent natural disasters will have pummeled the population. Infrastructure will be damaged, most of it irrevocably broken. Now comes heat, scorching heat, for which there will be no relief. Air conditioners need electricity to run and we see even with this article that most of the aging grid can’t handle the load. Solar storms impact the rest. Please let your heart listen to what your brain is telling you: these things are not from global warming but in fact are warnings from a Just and Holy God who wants us to repent. Time is growing short…He loves us, He loves you. He wants you to become His child by recognizing the sin in your heart and accepting that His death of the cross paid for it before the High Judge in the High Court. Atonement and pardon has come. Will you accept it? He will accept your plea in a moment’s heartbeat, if you will call to Him. He is there.


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