Weather channel data on record-smashing tornado season

Re-Post in part from The Weather Channel: “If it seems like this year’s tornado season has been unusually severe, that’s because it has. The Weather Channel and’s Tornado Expert Dr. Greg Forbes says the 2011 tornado numbers are a mind-boggling 106% above average. And the year is not over yet. “It took until December in 2010 to have as many tornadoes as we’ve already had this year,” says Dr. Forbes. Needless to say, by virtue of an inconceivable April, we’re on a record pace. While we’ve had tornadoes in every month this year, the extreme tornado outbreaks began in April and continued through May. Dr. Forbes keeps a meticulous list of every tornado report throughout the year. He’s crunched the numbers to compare 2011 to every other year in the past decade:

Source- The Weather Channel

“Only 8 years in history have had more tornadoes for a full year than we’ve already had this year, the most being 1819 in 2004,” Dr. Forbes points out. “We’ve had almost twice as many tornadoes thus far this year as happened to date in that record year (2004)! As to what to expect in the rest of the year, Dr. Forbes points out the year is only halfway done.”

As many always say, in vainly attempting to show that all is well, weather always has happened and always will happen, they are half right. Weather has always happened, but we see from the data on earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes that MUCH MORE weather is happening than ever before. Notice the data shows that while number of tornadoes overall this year is up 106%, tornadoes for April are up +367%. In another blog entry I’d shown that weather men with a straight face said that it seemed like there were more tornadoes because there were more people experiencing and reporting them. I don’t think a plus 367 percent increase over average is commensurate with a proportional rise in population since last year. That’s my kind way of saying, get real. It was a lame excuse then and it is a lame excuse now in the face of data from a credible source. It’s God, people. The end times are here.