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Summer’s a coming in

I just got home from a great evening with the kids at church. It was the last night of our Wednesday night kid bible study series, and we ended with Popsicles and the playground.

Our annual public school year ends on Friday at noon. Phew. It’s been a great year at school and I loved all the little kids I was able to help or support.

Typically during the summer I write A LOT MORE! Lol. I enjoy bible study, news gathering, and writing in a way that helps people gain prophetic insights and biblical foundational doctrines. So that’s what I do.

Lord willing, if we are still here this summer, I will dedicate my time to reading the bible, and in listening to the Holy Spirit and see what He wants me to write about the days we are in: the days of the end. So, get ready. Ready for what you ask? Ready:

–to meet Jesus
–to live fully submitted to Him
–to read the bible on a consistent basis
–to read more on the blog about what He is showing us in these waning days of the Church Age

See you tomorrow!


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