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Third video of Jerusalem UFO, shows it really close

I’m sorry. I have to do it. I’m fascinated with the UFO over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock. A third video of this recent sighting that lit up the Internet with discussion  has surfaced, this one much closer and from a vantage point where the UFO is blindingly bright. I’m posting it. The people taking the video seem to be French-speaking tourists…It is one minute long. The first video was taken by two young men speaking an Arab language, and the second was from American tourists.

I wrote previously about the Jerusalem UFO here with biblical explanation of my opinion of what UFOs are. When a second vid surfaced I posted again here.We are rocking and rolling toward the end of the church age, aren’t we!

For a biblical explanation of why the bible gives us no reason to believe extraterrestrial life exists, read this good essay from Got


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