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World ‘unable to handle any future shocks’

If as the Davos Summit people say, the world is ‘unable to handle any future shocks‘ then they are in for another huge shock: things will get worse. A lot worse. The world will be buffeted so heavily in every realm (economic, financial, production, emotional, spiritual, governmental) that the world itself will crack apart in the end. (Isaiah 24:20). But before all that, let’s see what the Davos/World Economic Summit people actually said:

“The ability of governments to respond to future shocks is at “critically low levels” after the battering of the credit crisis, according to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), the organiser of the Davos summit of political and business leaders. Its annual risk assessment gives warning that the unprecedented peacetime debts racked up by governments as they fought to restore growth have left the global economy in a precarious position. … Economists say there are many pressing issues to discuss, and highlighted long-term fiscal problems in the developed world as chief among them. “Current fiscal policies are unsustainable in most industrialised economies,” said Daniel Hofmann, chief economist at Zurich Financial Services. “In the absence of far-reaching structural corrections, there will be a high risk of sovereign defaults.”

‘Sovereign defaults’ is another name for ‘nations going belly-up.’ So it seems that the Economic Summit people are saying we can no longer absorb economic shocks.


We know that by the time the middle of the tribulation rolls around the world is economically struggling. The economy is not only impacted when housing and credit goes bust, like it did in 2008, but also when natural disasters happen. The cost is huge for municipalities and nations struggling to recover when floods wipe away whole communities, earthquakes flatten whole sections of the earth, snow covers deeply, infrastructure is broken. Trying to re-build all of that while the events are still ongoing means that many towns, cities, and countries will go broke. They already are. See here, here, here, here

So by the point mentioned in the Revelation chapter, the antichrist and the false prophet have come up with an idea to rectify the situation by taking control of the world and the economy, since the whole world follows him anyway (Rev 13:3). He institutes a mark, upon which the false prophet causes all, great and small, to take, otherwise they may not buy nor sell. In other words, to accept this mark is to accept that the antichrist is your god, and because of your assent, he will allow you to participate in the global economy.

In order for the global economy to be co-opted by one man, it must have somehow become broken. That break-up is happening now and began in October of 2008 with the first ‘too big to fail’ crashes. Many will argue that the crash began in the late 90’s at the credit and housing bubble, still others argue it began at 1913 when the bankers slyly created the Federal Reserve, but suffice to say, it really ramped up and manifested in September-October 2008.

The Davos people focus on the economy being impacted by “the possibility of water, energy and food shortages, and the rise of the “illegal economy”. It estimated trade in illicit goods, including drugs and guns, was worth $1.3 trillion in 2009, and said organised crime and official corruption kept countries trapped in poverty” and also currency issues. The hidden costs to the economy of continual natural disasters should also be counted. Let’s start in Australia, where biblical level flooding is taking its toll on, well, just about everything.

Source: crops inundated in Rockhampton Australia.

Way back on January 3, the Queensland State Treasurer said then that the cost to infrastructure in that state alone would be 1 billion dollars. The flooding has continued. It has affected mining in a big way. Coking coal costs, a kind of coal used in making steel and which Australia exports 14 million tonnes annually, will be removed from the market completely. Steelmakers will be severely affected, with steel prices potentially surging 30-40%. The floods in Australia have also affected farming. Millions of acres of farmland are destroyed. The farming disaster zone is the size of  Egypt. Just this week, it is reported that food prices are surging. Tomato prices alone rose 20% in one week, and are predicted to go higher next week. Queensland is simply “stunned” as this AP video reports. The Global Post calls Brisbane a “war zone” with destroyed infrastructure on a mass scale. How will they pay for rebuilding all that? The Davos Economic people said we can’t absorb any more economic shock, and I believe that, yet more shocks to the economic system continue.

Australia certainly isn’t the only nation to be staggering under economic woes, unable to absorb more shocks to their system. Brazil is enduring terrible flooding today. The successive blizzards in the entire half of the US have a cost, too. Overtime for plowers. Lost revenue from shut businesses. Losses in the airline industry. In Massachusetts, the snow cleanup costs “won’t be pretty” said the Governor.


Constant disasters have a cost not only emotionally but also economically. We are constantly wiped out and are constantly spending money to get back to the level we were before. At some point the money will run out. That is what the Davos people were saying. There is only so much employment to go around though, given our population, at least in the US. At an Economic Forum in Washington, DC this week, president and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce Thomas J. Donohue said “we must create 1.2 million jobs a year just to absorb the new entrants into our workforce.” It’s not going to happen. And with successive disasters that hinder any and all growth, it becomes apparent that attempting to do so is a Sisyphean enterprise. Sisyphus was the guy in ancient times according to myth who was condemned by the ‘gods’ to eternally push a rock up a hill, only to have it roll down just as he got to the top.

The only activity that makes sense and has an ultimate fruitful purpose is to accept that you are a sinner, repent and claim Jesus’ forgiveness of them, and become one of His children. Everything you do after that will have an eternal goodness, purpose, and point to it. You can choose to be stuck on earth and continually dig out like Sisyphus,

only to have more snow immediately drop on you. Or more floods. Or another earthquake. If you feel like you can’t take any more shocks, then turn to Jesus and let HIM absorb the shocks for you!


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