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The end time is not a downer!

Most people think the end of days is a downer. It’s not. The last days assuredly are a downer for non-believers, and trust me, true Christians mourn over the wasted spiritual opportunity and the massive loss of lives that are to come. As each day grows closer to the time when our Savior redeems us and leaves the rest to their fate, it gets easier to mourn over what will happen to the millions and even billions of non-believers that have closed their hearts to Jesus.

But amongst ourselves, we see Him coming, and we hear His footsteps. We listen for the trumpet. And as we do, we see His work in the world. God’s work is always good!

Even as the doves rain down on Faenza, and blackbirds on Beebe, Arkansas, and all the other places the birds have been falling dead down to the ground, it is good. Even as miles and miles of fish go belly-up in China, South Carolina, New Zealand, it is good. How can it be good, you ask?

Because I see it this way: every end time sign Jesus sends is a marker of His constancy of justice. He judges sin. He always has, He always will. I take enormous comfort in His constancy and His eternal attribute of Judge.

With every dead bird that falls, with every fish that dies, I see His sovereign control over all of creation. He made the world, He cursed the world, He will judge the world, and in the end, He will restore the world! He is in control, because He is the Maker, the Creator, the King!

With every sign that sparks fear or awe of consternation, I take comfort in His patience. That He doesn’t judge us now, this instant, is a wonderful testament to His love. With each indicator of His increasing wrath, I take joy that His promises will be fulfilled. He warns, He shakes us out of our apathy, but His long-suffering patience is to be praised!

The end time is the final punctuation mark that began in Genesis 1. It is the fulfillment of all that He has shown Himself to us as, and is the finalization of all that He allows us to be. It is the culmination of all the ages, the point toward which we have been longing ever since the Fall. Judgment Day is supreme in His Plan, with the exception of the death of Jesus on the cross, the moment that allows the rest to occur.

These end times are a magnificent display of the constancy of His justice, His continual sovereignty over creation, the comfort of His patience, the joy in fulfilled promises, and the final punctuation on our hearts as the Redeemed. How can these days NOT be good?


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