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NY Daily News covers end of days story

This is interesting. It is the first Main Stream News outlet that covered the story of the bird and fish kills associated with the end of days promised in the bible, and the first of any media to cover it seriously, without mocking. The LORD is making an impression! Or is He? The article has a poll associated with it, asking if we believe these events mean the end of days is near. As of 6:30 am on Friday, January 7, 21% said “YES”, and 62% said “NO”. Here is the story:

Dead birds, fish around world spark flood of wild conspiracy theories from End of Days to HAARP
“Dead fish in the Chesapeake, birds dying in Arkansas and Kentucky, thousands of crab corpses littering beaches in England. These random incidents around the world have unleashed a flood of conspiracy theories, each proclaiming government cover-ups or apocalyptic proclamations about the end of the world. “Personally, I definitely do believe we’re in the End of Days, and I believe there is a lot of evidence of that,” Steve Wohlberg, an author and theologian who has written several books about the end of the world, told the Daily News. Although he believed experts needed time to perform tests to determine how and why these animals perished, the deaths are “mysteriously interesting,” and part of a larger picture that indicates the world is spiraling downward towards its end. “I’m an observer of the times,” said Wohlberg, who hosts a nationally syndicated radio show and has appeared on several television documentaries about the Bible and the Apocalypse. “The End of Days will have a parallel to the days of Noah,” he said. For example, Wohlberg explained, God used animals to signal the flood was approaching by having them gather two-by-two and enter the Ark. “On the Earth today, there’s a lot of violence, and a lot of corruption,” Wohlberg said. “Indicators are flashing that there’s a storm ahead of us.”

“Religious fears of the world’s collapse are not the only theories emerging from the recent slew of animal deaths. Government coverups are also being fed, including the theory that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program known as HAARP is behind the death of the birds. The Alaska-based facility states it is used to conduct ionospheric research, but is often blamed for causing earthquakes and storms and is described by some as a super-secret weapon operated by the government. “That’s been a popular one for the last two decades,” said Dr. Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine and a columnist for Scientific American. “It naturally generates paranoia, it’s like Area 51.” There are even reports claiming to link the suspected murder of one of the champions of the Vietnam War Memorial, John Wheeler, to the death of thousands of birds in Arkansas on New Year’s Day. The 66-year-old former special assistant to the secretary of the Air Force was, according to the conspiracy theory, going to expose a link between chemical weapons and the strange incident involving thousands of red-winged blackbirds.”


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