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Sinkhole in FL opens to 100 feet wide within minutes

From Highland Today, Interim Emergency Operations Management Director said ‘this was the biggest one he’d seen’. I’ve written about the phenomenon of sinkholes several times before. Here is an essay from Nov. of this year with scriptures plus some context reporting on additional sinkholes titled “Experts worried about increase in sinkholes“. In that piece, it was reported that ‘Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the state’s second largest multi-peril home insurer, told a state Senate committee during a hearing on the sinkhole issue that the number of claims being made to the company has more than doubled since 2005.” Premiums are up 30%. Last June I wrote an essay called “Is the Earth Cracking Up?” which explains further my thinking on the biblical implications of sinkholes’ increasing appearance. By the way, another sinkhole opened in Ocna Mures Romania on December 23, where the town is in a state of emergency.  Below is a story excerpt with photos from this latest sinkhole in Florida:

“About 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Luis Hernandez felt the soil trembling beneath his feet. “He had to run that way,” said his wife, Orpha, pointing to the east behind their three-bedroom mobile home. He heard air coming up, “Whooo, whooo, whooo,” Orpha approximated the noise, as if underground air was rushing to the surface. Luis knows because he looked at the clock on his phone – in just five minutes, a 100-foot wide sinkhole opened in the sand, gulping pots with palm trees and ligustrum hedges and catley guava. By Friday, they’d rescued all the nursery plants from the one-acre plot, moving them to the adjoining nine acres. But the hole had swelled 20 feet wider, and at 4 p.m. Friday, the circular mouth was an estimated 140 feet across. “This morning, there was just a little water in it,” she said. But by late afternoon, water was three feet deep and rising in the center of the hole.”

Within five minutes, the hole was 100 feet wide, said Hernandez. The owners had to run to escape:

By Friday afternoon, several feet of water had accumulated in the bottom of the sinkhole. The couple owns Florahome Nursery, and they had plants on the area of the property when it caved in:

A wall of sand and soil shows the division of one of several tiers of ground where a sinkhole opened up, which had increased to 140 feet wide by Friday afternoon:


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