Jews to protest Obama pressure on Netanyahu by throwing shoes

This is pretty interesting:

From Israel’s Arutz Sheva:
Shoes to be Thrown at Obama Shoe Photo
“A protest will be held this at 7 PM evening outside the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv against the undue pressure being exerted by the Obama Administration upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Among the attention-arousing gimmicks scheduled for the protest will be the throwing of shoes – a common Moslem protest act – at a cardboard likeness of President Obama.  The specific target will be a large photo of Obama with his feet up on the table, speaking firmly to Netanyahu. “Obama shows us his shoes, we’ll show him our shoes,” the organizers say.” Caption:  Obama during phone call to Netanyahu in 2009  Israel news photo: White House

Who would have thought we would see the day when Israelites protest American actions? We are not her ally any longer. Woe to those who abuse His land and His people!