I am not only proud to cling to the cross…

I am more proud that there IS a cross to cling to!

As you wind up this work week, you may be tired. You may be exhausted. You may be battling illness, dealing with rebellious children, aghast over low finances, or stressed from caring for elderly parents. You may be battling many things, or worrying about many things. You may just be tired.

I cling, CLING for all I am worth, to His cross, the emblem of His suffering and shame. It was suffering and shame He took for me, a wretched sinner I am. That cross is so despised by the world, but has a wondrous attraction for me; because it SAVED ME. And now that I am saved, it REFRESHES me. I am tired, I am worried, I am stressed. But I will not be for long. I will listen to a good hymn, I will pray, and I will dip into His word and find love and wisdom. I can read His promises to me. I know they are promises made specifically to me because I know He had me in mind while He hung on the cross, dying and bleeding. He had YOU in mind, too. His book is written for all people who believe, and that means you and me.

You may be spiritually sensitive and crying over the blasphemy in the world. Jesus’ name is trampled through the mud every minute, sneered at, and rejected from north to south, east to west. You may be sad over the lost people everywhere, who are believing they are working their way to heaven, or simply not thinking about heaven at all, not perceiving what awaits them. Not seeing the train wreck that will become their lives very soon in the Tribulation.

That old rugged cross is standing for them, too. It is available to all who would believe. It stands, stained with divine blood, for remission of sins of all peoples, tribes, and nations. It stands as the emblem of victory, available to any person to cling to when the storms of life become too deafening. Amidst the roaring waves and thunder I hear the whisper, the promise, “He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.” (Song of Solomon 2:4)