Two POUND hailstones fall in South Dakota!

Here’s the story, amazing, and at the bottom, as always, the prophetic tie:

“Hail is one of the most damaging weather events capable of doing thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes and vehicles and utterly shredding crops. Last week in South Dakota the mother of all hail stones appears to have fallen – a beast weighing nearly two pounds and measuring 8 inches in diameter.”

World Record Hailstone Weighed In Vivian “A small South Dakota town is being recognized for a big find after last Friday’s storms. It was Friday afternoon when a line of thunderstorms fired up in central South Dakota. High winds, heavy rains and even a possible tornado rolled through the town of Vivian. But now days later, a hailstone picked up just moments after the storm is getting worldwide attention. The damage is proof that it wasn’t a typical South Dakota thunderstorm. Holes were punched through the top of buildings, and Les Scott will never forget what it sounded like. “A guy throwing bricks at the house and many of them and it was scary,” Scott said. Scott watched as massive hailstones pummeled the ground. Tuesday, the dents in the ground are still visible, some as large and deep as coffee cans. But when the hail stopped, a certain stone grabbed his attention.”

“I just happened to see this one fall and the only reason I went out and got it is because it has all these fingers sticking out of it and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s weird.’ So I thought I’d go get that one,” Scott said. Scott originally wanted to make a daiquiri out of the hail, but decided to contact the National Weather Service instead. Tuesday, they were in Vivian. They carefully took the stone from the freezer and placed it in a cooler with dry ice. The next stop was at the post office where the hail had a date with the federally certified scale. Moments later, the hailstone weighed in at 1.9375 pounds.”

“Officially, where records have been kept, this will be the U.S. record and world record for weight. So very impressive,” Mike Fowle of the National Weather Service said.  But the inspection of the new world record hail wasn’t done there. To ensure that the hailstone didn’t melt, it was then measured while inside a freezer at a local convenience store.  The hailstone is down to 17 inches around, but was measured just a few days ago at 18 and a half inches. That is another world record number.  “I didn’t think it was near that, but I’m glad I got it I guess. I’m just sad about the town of Vivian. I hope the insurance people help them out as much as they can because they need it,” Scott said.  As impressive as the size and weight are, it may have topped two pounds when it fell from the sky. While Scott placed it in the freezer, the power was out for six hours following the storm, and it likely melted a bit in that time.”

With all that damage I would have thought that the hail stones would with more than the 1.9 lbs and be bigger than 18 inches! They punched through roofs, made craters in the ground!

OK, so a world record hailstone was measured and verified. In the end time birth pangs, the pangs are ramping up. One of the indicators is frequency. More earthquakes, more often. More rain. More heat. More tornadoes. More, more, more. Another indicator are events that are “first ever”; rare, unexplained, or record-setting. Events that are obviously not a regular weather phenomenon and really cannot be explained away.

In the Language of God series I am writing, in “The Language of God: Hail” I explained how God speaks to us in some ways that are biblically shown to be His signature vocabulary and hail is one of them. It is threatened, used, prophesied and caused by God in many different situations in the bible. Military wins or losses, crop losses, phenomenon that affect one region but not another nearby were all done and also promised to be done in the future. I encourage you to read the piece for links to the verses. For now, I’ll refer to the plague of hail that is prophesied to come in Revelation:

From the sky huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague was so terrible. (Rev 16:21)

The South Dakota news said the hail was likely larger when it initially fell. It was put in a freezer but the power out for 6 hours after the storm. Let’s say the hailstone was twice as big, 4 lbs and 36 inches around. That is still PUNY compared to 100 pound hailstones to come! Imagine the devastation then.

People! The LORD is speaking! Are we listening?