Another sinkhole: apartment complex’s garage in NJ collapses

The spate of sinkholes around the world continues pace. I reported on the one in Tampa, and previously, China, TN, and Canada, among others. As I said in the previous article about sinkholes, there is nothing more disconcerting than the very ground under your feel giving way. It is the one thing you’re supposed to be able to trust in, the ground, right? And maybe gravity as well, though we discover this week that gravity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The birth pangs that characterize the end time are God-induced events designed to grab our attention, and to convict us to repent, which means turn away from our sinful ways and turn TO Him. It also means understanding that Jesus is all you need to trust. Trust Him and Him alone. The ground may collapse under you, but He is the solid rock upon which you stand, all others will fall into sinking sand. You will not.

This morning, an apartment building’s garage in New Jersey collapsed, “The canopy over the front entrance, the driveway and even trees disappeared into what Baldo describes as a massive sinkhole. Chopper video captured some serious damage in the area.”

In this article about it, a witness said, “Usually you can see the roof when you walk down the block, now there’s nothing,” Pascual said, of the front of the structure. “There were firetrucks, ambulances, fire chiefs, helicopters, pretty much every Hackensack official you could name- they were there.” Reports from the scene shows the front metal and glass canopy that covered the driveway and entrance collapsed and pulled away from the 18-story structure, according to