There will be pestilences: plague hitting Syrian army?

According to the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, a mysterious outbreak of plague is occurring in the Syrian army. According to Syrian opposition figures in exile, Syrian President Bashar Assad has ordered the shutdown of all Syrian military exercises due to a plague that is currently affecting a large number of the army, especially conscripts in basic training.

The officials are calling it bubonic plague that’s spread by drought, and poor food on the military bases, but that is not the usual method of transfer of this particular kind of plague. Plague is highly infectious and whatever kind it is, natural or biological, it would have the potential to render the Syrian Army decimated just at the time when tensions between Israel, Syria, and Iran are at their most tense. If the Syrian soldiers are experiencing plague they could carry the infections to their home towns when they disperse in Mid-August for Ramadan.

“If you take something like Bot – I gram of crystalline Botulinium is estimated to kill about a million people if it were evenly dispersed…” Dr. Jill Dekker

In 2007 Syria promised bio-weapon retaliation against Israel should Israel strike Iran. In the New English Review, consultant to the NATO Defense Establishment in bio-warfare and counter terrorism expert Dr. Jill Dekker said that “Contrary to how the US State Department and other agencies tend to downplay the sophistication of the Syrian biological and nuclear programs, they are very advanced. Syria has always had the most advanced chemical weapons program in the Middle East.” At that time, Dr. Dekker said that Syria had shifted in their philosophy of  using bio-weapons from special weapons to conventional arsenal, and they have the will to do it. Why? Realizing they have no practical opportunity to reach parity with Israel or the US on conventional weapons, they decided to pursue bio-weaponry and were at that time fixing conventional missiles with a highly virulent anthrax germ with the help of Russian scientists. Ominously for the world, the US nor the UN were particularly reactive to the Syrians’ re-definition of bio-weaponry as conventional and offensive. Ominously for prophecy, the Syrians run their biological programs out of the Syrian Scientific Research Council (SSRC) in Damascus.

Isaiah 17:1 states that Damascus will be destroyed. It will be a heap of ruins and will cease from being a city. That prophecy has not been fulfilled yet because Damascus, being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, has never been abandoned nor destroyed.

The title of this entry refers to a promise that Jesus made. He was speaking to the disciples about the end times signs, as recorded in Luke 21:11 and Jesus said “There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.” This promise could refer to the things that will happen in the 7-year Tribulation as much as it could be interpreted to occur in the time immediately prior to the start of the last 7 years. In any case, the stage is being set for plagues, and do not assume that the plagues to come will be generated only naturally. They could be man-made, the result of bio-weaponry used in one of the many wars that Jesus also promised would come.

The fact is that Isaiah 17:1 will be fulfilled at some point. The fact is that Syria is extremely sophisticated in their bio-weaponry program and highly advanced in their determination to use it. Events in the Middle East bear watching more than ever. And looking up to the skies for our Redemption bears more watching than ever.