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"Red dragons" emerging from the ground in China, earth cracking up continues

I’ve been fascinated with the pattern I’ve been seeing all over the globe regarding earth changes under the ground, at the crust. There have been so many mine explosions, cracks in the earth, sinkholes, and pipe breaks that by now, I am fully convinced they are part of the end time scenario. Since April, especially since the BP explosion, there have been sudden cracks in the earth all over the world that are affecting people in myriad ways. There have been deaths from an  unusual number of mine explosions, whole houses, schools, neighborhoods swallowed by sinkholes, there have been sudden outbreaks of many sinkholes at once. There have been unexpected pipe breaks that have either spewed oil or water, ruining neighborhoods, the Gulf, and in one of these, a boil-water order had to be issued for millions. In Mexico, an almost mile-long crack appeared in the earth that appeared after a sudden explosion, damaging 100 homes. By now,  there are too many incidences to count, but I wrote about most of them in previous entries from May 31 onward, here, here, here, and here. In each entry I wrote about the end time aspects of these amazing events and used the scriptures to illustrate that the pattern is not far-fetched in having a prophetic aspect. Please take a moment to review the previous incidences to form the background of why I think these continuing events are so important.

Today I bring to you three more unusual or tragic earth-cracking events. Another mine exploded, in Columbia, this time. The death toll was high. “Dozens of were trapped and feared dead after a fiery blast tore through a tunnel in a Colombian coal mine during a shift change, killing at least 16 workers. A methane gas buildup is believed to have fed the explosion that occurred in a long access tunnel that drops to a depth of 500 feet.” Methane seems to be the culprit in many of these latest explosive events.

In China, an enormous sinkhole swallowed a playground, rendered a school unstable, and caused the evacuation of an entire neighborhood. Video at link. Photo below:

Also in China, and this is eerie, red mud suddenly started bubbling up from underneath the asphalt in front of a city bus station. More and more bubbled up, and the people started coming out of their homes and businesses to see what was happening. People called it “red dragons” which eerily mirrors language used in Revelation to depict the devil’s tribulation torment of Israel and the earth. Crews arrived to hose the mud away, but the more they hosed, the more came up from underneath. One spectator noticed that the road was heaving, prompting fears that the ground itself was unstable. No one knows why the mud is coming. Here are two photos and a google translated text from the original article:

June 17, 2010 at 3 pm, Chengdu, Chen Jia Street bus station near the road suddenly vision. Speculation surrounding the masses: maybe and related projects in the vicinity.

Scene:Scared people suddenly rush to avoid anomalies

Bump of about 5 meters, 2 meters wide, raised a maximum of 30 cm, was half-oval shape, the central 2 m in length with a small crack, red-brown mud with a bubble flow, slurry spreading on the road, forming a 10-meter-long red “mud dragons.” “The scene with the movie” 2012 “, a little scary!” Beam near the lottery shop staff Sister said, “around 3 pm, the road suddenly emerge in front of the bubble, egg-sized, red-brown and then continue to emerge The mud, less than a few minutes, a large mud on the stream, while also a little bit up the road bumps. “Liang big sister said,” people around quickly to hide away, afraid of even greater crack. ” Mr Hui said that the public, forced foot bump and feet can feel the road under the obvious shock.

“Under the road seems to be empty!” One resident said, “afraid that a sudden collapse of the raised floor down!”

Explanation: Appeared normal construction will not affect people’s life around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, cleaning companies have used water cannons to wash the mud on the road. But here has not been cleaned up, there they emerge new mud. 16:30 or so, gradually slow down the speed of mud emitting only a small amount of leakage from the cracks in. Subsequently, sections were raised warning line and the cone-shaped tube warning “siege.”

As we see the prophetic pieces coming together in the Middle East presaging the Psalm 83 war, and the Battle of Gog-Magog … as we see the upsurge in earthquakes in diverse places … as we take note of the moral conditions Paul said would be in place at the time of the end, and now as we collect evidence that the very earth itself is changing underneath the ground, in advance of the coming destruction of the earth by the God who made it, … it is time to look inside ourselves and take stock of our spiritual condition. There is a heaven and our Lord Jesus wants all to go there. Not all will, because many will reject Him as the only remedy for their sin state. Many people do not even believe they sin at all, that they “are good people” who “are going to heaven” where a “loving God will receive them.” This concept of entry into heaven for all is a lie. God is loving, but more than that, He is HOLY. He cannot receive you if you have sin in you and you will always have sin in you if you have not asked Jesus to forgive it. If you do, He wipes it away and He does not hesitate! I hope you do not hesitate in asking Him!

I had a conversation with someone who said, vehemently I might add, that “The bible is a lie! It is made-up by men from myths!” And then she stated that God is loving. How does she know God is loving if the bible is a lie? And if the “lying bible” teaches that God is loving, isn’t is also a lie that God is loving along with everything else in the book? Where do you learn about God if not from the bible? Answer: nowhere. It is the bible that says that God is loving, and shows His love to us through Jesus and His Mercy and Grace, but if you throw away the bible, how do you know God is love at all? And if you believe God is love and know that comes from the bible, you cannot pick and choose the rest of the verses that show His holiness and wrath in the face of His imminent judgment.

The time is coming very, very soon where Jesus will call His believers  up to Him and we will be received by Him in the air, and then travel to heaven. This event is the rapture Paul spoke of in 1 Thessalonians 5:9 and 1st Corinthinans 15:50-54. Be part of this event. If you confess your sins to Jesus and ask Him to be part of your life, handing over your will in exchange for His, you will be saved. Do you really want to be on the earth when it cracks up? You don’t have to be. Jesus is waiting…


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