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Alien contact COULD be dangerous, Hawking says? No, it WILL be

Does it seem like all of a sudden the news is all about Aliens, UFO’s, and the search for life that originated off this planet? It is not your mind playing tricks on you. It is news of the highest sort that is reaching the populace’s ears and eyes, from established media outlets like CNN and the BBC, and from NASA, the National Aeronautical and Space Administration. Within the last week:

NSA to amp up search for extra-terrestrial life
Alien life is making news lately, and now NASA looks to lead the charge.

NASA Announces Wednesday Media Teleconference About Search For Extraterrestrial Life
NASA will hold a news media teleconference at 1:30 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, April 28, to discuss the status of agency-sponsored astrobiology research, including the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life and the study of how life began on Earth. Topics also will include the quest for evidence of life on Mars, the habitability of other celestial bodies, and future technology research.

Should we fear space aliens?
Physicist Steven Hawking says making contact with alien life could be dangerous … Stephen Hawking’s new documentary premiered Sunday night on the Discovery Channel. In it, he claimed that intelligent alien life almost certainly exists and that the search for it is valuable. He also suggested that the potential threats posed by contact with alien intelligence should discourage us from actively sending out messages to the cosmos.

Aliens have been here for 50 years (this was originally broadcast in 2008 but it is surfacing on Youtube in a big way in the wake of the recent discussion from Dr. Stephen Hawking about aliens on the Discovery Channel)
CNN Wolf Blitzer: A group gathering here in DC to discuss their UFO sightings, but it’s no crackpot convention, former are high-level govt an military officials sharing what they’ve seen in the skies. Tell us about it Gary: Gary Tuchman: a panel discussion within the beltway to discuss what might be happening in the Milky Way… have extraterrestrials visited us here here on earth? 14 men from 7 different countries participated in a panel discussion…One participant says, “We want the US Government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down to earth and conventional terms. Instead our country needs to reopen its official investigation that is shut down in 1969.”

LUCIFER instrument helps astronomers see to the most distant observable stars
A new instrument with an evil-sounding name is helping scientists see how stars are born. Lucifer, which stands for (deep breath) “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research,” is a chilled instrument attached to a telescope in Arizona. And yes, it’s named for the Devil, whose name itself means “morning star.” But it wasn’t meant to evoke him, according to a spokesman for the University of Arizona, where it is housed. Lucifer is part of the Large Binocular Telescope, which happens to be right next to the Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson. That’s right, the Vatican has an observatory in Arizona, manned by Jesuit astronomers. Now its next-door neighbor is named for the Devil.

Pradeep Mallik writes in the Achmedabad Mirror, “Stephen Hawking’s remarks on the existence of aliens have set the tongues and fingers of scientists and amateurs wagging. People are watching keenly the television programme that has one of the most celebrated theoretical physicists of our times taking people on an odyssey through time and space, and cyber chatterati are busy blogging and discussing his views that any contact with aliens is fraught with danger for us on the earth. … Hawking’s counsel comes from his mathematical deduction that aliens do exist. The real challenge, he says, is to find out what they might actually be like. The alien life forms might not be the kind of neighbours that people on the earth have been looking for — intelligent and friendly.”

Of all the folks opining about the current alien brouhaha, Mallik has it right and Hawking has it right- but for reasons they have no clue about. Mathematical deductions aside, there IS intelligent life that exists off this planet, has visited this planet, and is not friendly. That’s because they are demons, commonly known as fallen angels. You know, the ones who sided with Lucifer in the times of yore.

It should not be surprising that people are ready to accept the myth that it is light-bringing aliens who exist, not demons. Satan deceives the whole world (Rev 12:9). No wonder, for satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14) Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, (2 Cor 11:15). We are so obviously being pre-programmed to accept the ‘beings’ soon to irrupt into the world and make false claims that they are superior and helpful. What could be more convenient and wanted by an evil devil than a populace that is ready to accept the notion that higher beings exist, when it comes time to bombard the earth after the restrainer is taken out of the way?

For when the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way, His ministry of restraint will cease. God took the Restrainer out of the way at the last world-wide judgment, before the flood. (Genesis 6:3) Imagine this globe, already evil, then having no restraint in morals, violence, or Christian ethic?

If one doubts the attempts to pre-program the populace to accept softening language around the notion of the devil, just read this caption regarding the LUCIFER telescope:

“Courtesy of Lucifer: This image depicts a stellar nursery in the Milky Way about 8,000 light years from Earth. Such clouds are typically opaque to visible light, but infrared light can penetrate them. The Lucifer instrument helps telescopes see that light. The E and N signify east and north. credit Anna Pasquali/via University of Arizona”.

Lucifer is NOT courteous nor is he helpful, but the caption containing those words in conjunction with Lucifer, is telling. The devil’s name means Light, and we already know from the 2 Corinthians verse he disguises himself as an angel of light and so do his evil followers. Many of the sightings thus far have been of disks of light. There’s the Phoenix Lights. There’s the Yakima Lights, where a scientists states “The most common UFO seen at Yakima is the Ball of Light or Sphere of Light. These balls are typically orange in color or white in color, and are seen hovering or moving slowly. They appear to be inquisitive.”

As Chuck Missler wrote of the verses in Genesis 6 which mention the fallen angels’ entry into earth after the flood, “Another reason that an understanding of Genesis 6 is so essential is that it also is a prerequisite to understanding (and anticipating) Satan’s devices and, in particular, the specific delusions to come upon the whole earth as a major feature of end-time prophecy:

Luke 21:26 —
men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

2 Thessalonians 2:9 —
that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders,

2 Thessalonians 2:11 —
For this reason)God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,

Do not be deceived! Not everything supernatural is from God!


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