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Toppling Statues, a Historical and a Biblical Perspective

By Elizabeth Prata

The anarchy continues. Riots, takeovers, protests. Now the lawless rioters are demanding to defund the police, dictating that Rhode Island drop the “plantations” from its full name, and toppling statues. Because, racism. The statues to which these anarchists object are Confederate statues, Christopher Columbus, or politicians.

In one case, police stood by in Portsmouth VA as rioters defaced a statue, and when they began to topple part of it, a man was hit with chunks and put into a coma.

Elsewhere, they defaced Philadelphia’s Matthias Baldwin statue, apparently ignorant of the fact that Baldwin was an abolitionist 30 years before the Civil War, advocated for freedom of blacks, advocated for them being allowed to vote, and hired them in his shops. Continue reading “Toppling Statues, a Historical and a Biblical Perspective”