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Sassy? Don’t be!

By Elizabeth Prata

Twitter is interesting and it is also depressing. I swing between the two. I haven’t posted much, but I read a lot and I watch the flare-ups come and go.

An outburst happened a few days ago that got me thinking. I’m a Yankee transplant, a New Englander who moved to the deep South 15 years ago. There IS a cultural difference between the two regions. Sometimes it isn’t that noticeable and sometimes it is massively evident. The vocabulary is different, for example. I push a shopping cart at the grocery store, Georgians push a buggy. I press the remote button, they mash it. Pajama parties are spend-the-night parties. Sneakers are tennis shoes. Wastebasket is a trash can. And don’t EVER say a barbecue is pushing around a patty of hamburger over open coals, no ma’am. BBQ is an entirely different process, yielding entirely different food.

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