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JoJo Siwa affirms satan’s agenda

By Elizabeth Prata

Sound like a harsh headline? It isn’t, it’s just biblical truth. There are two agendas in the world; God’s, and satan’s. We either belong to God, or we belong to satan. We do what God wants (enabled by the Holy Spirit), or we do what satan wants (according to our sin-nature).

Kids are impressionable and they follow personalities and celebrities, and believe what these people say, usually unquestioningly. That is why there was an outcry when it was revealed that a children’s Sunday School curriculum coloring book at ‘Pastor’ Steven Furtick of Elevation Church’s Sunday School referred to himself as the person to unify around, rather than Jesus.

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“Homosexual sin is different”

I was as grieved by the massacre in Orlando as much as anyone. I shed tears over the article that recounted a youth’s last texts to his Mommy. I shed tears over the bartender’s recounting of his and others’ escape. Omar Mateen perpetrated a heinous crime.

But another heinous crime in the face of God is homosexuality. In reading these articles, I was saddened by the sudden change of the newspapers publishing them of their website banners to rainbows. There were rainbows all over the place, in ‘support’ of the homosexual lifestyle. False teachers such as liberal Glennon Doyle Melton and influential Rachel Held Evans immediately responded with Facebook statuses in support of homosexuality. Evans said in her note that Christian theology “hurts” gay people. Evans’ note about the Orlando massacre got 2176 shares and over 200 comments before I quit looking.

I quote the passage at Romans 1:18-32 a lot. It is the section where Paul shows what God does to a society/individual that rejects Him. At the last, God judges them with homosexuality and that means that “They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.” (Romans 1:29).

Homosexuality is the judgment upon a person. Its widespread presence in a culture indicates that the judgment upon a society is already here.

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