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Sisters, be careful who you follow (not Rachel Hollis); and I’m sorry if you’re grieving today

By Elizabeth Prata

I wrote earlier today of the sad news that author Rachel Hollis and her husband Dave are seeking a divorce. Both parties put out separate announcements on their Instagram accounts.

Rachel said in her announcement that they have been struggling “endlessly for three years to make it work”, and Dave said that “our marriage has run its course”.

I’d written in the above essay that divorce is painful (and a sin) and that I felt empathy for the couple and sad for the children who will now come from a broken home.

There are two other sadnesses and griefs I did not mention. This essay is about those 2 griefs. Continue reading “Sisters, be careful who you follow (not Rachel Hollis); and I’m sorry if you’re grieving today”

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Two divorce cases: Summer White and Melissa Moore

Many Christians have a sin or an issue which they have a particular affinity against or former involvement with. Children of alcoholics tend to have an interest in the Christian discussion of teetotaling. People who had been deceived by charismatic doctrine tend to be focused on deception/purity in the church. And so on.

Mine is divorce. Continue reading “Two divorce cases: Summer White and Melissa Moore”