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Grace Community Church response to recent journalism muckraking

By Elizabeth Prata

In reference to the issue of Julie Roys fomenting the current scandal against John MacArthur and Grace Community Church, the GCC elders have written a template reply which is sent out to emailed questioners. Fred Butler (an employee of GCC) confirmed it is from the church. Further, he said that if anyone emails with questions they will receive the same reply. Numerous people have already received this response.

I liked GCC’s response. Not surprising, it is well-written, biblical, and to the point.

I trust the public witness of the elders at GCC and of John MacArthur. Anyone who has spent 52 years week in and week out rightly dividing the truth is someone to trust. This is not my church anyway, and not my personal business. Let profane tongues run to their own pit, while true believers speak of holy and edifying things.


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