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By Elizabeth Prata

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I post a devotional every day on my social media (Twitter, The End Time blog Facebook page, Instagram, MeWe, and Gab). My favorite devotionals are from The Valley of Vision. I heartily recommend the book!

There are a lot of devotionals out there. Lots. Many people don’t read devotionals, and that’s OK. It’s better to read the Bible and not devotionals than to read devotionals and not the Bible! But if you are of a devotional frame of mind, there are some I recommend.

For the past three years I’ve been posting Charles Spurgeon. One year I’d post Spurgeon’s Morning, the next year I’d post Spurgeon’s Evening, and then one year Faith’s Check-Book.

This year though, I’d found a collection of devotionals written by past-times women that I really liked. The book was called Seasons of the Heart: Devotions from One Generation of Women to Another. The first month can be previewed online at that link. In it were devotionals written by Mary Winslow (wife of Puritan Octavius Winslow, Susannah Spurgeon (Charles’ wife), Anne Steele, an English Baptist hymn writer and essayist. For a full century after her death, she filled a larger place in United States and British hymnals than any other woman, says Wikipedia. Also included in the women’s devotional book are Frances Ridley Havergal, an English religious poet and hymnwriter, Elizabeth Julia Hasell, Ruth Bryan and others.

I liked the devotions and published them through the month of January. Having come across Mary Winslow, I then turned to her husband Octavius Winslow and published some of his devotionals through the month of February and the beginning of March. His can be found online at “Morning Thoughts“.

Always wanting to connect my readers with good theological material, I now switch my morning devotional from Winslow to Susannah Spurgeon. She is known for her wonderful book Free Grace and Dying Love. You can find that one over at Grace Gems. BTW, Grace Gems has tons and tons of great material! Free sermons, quotes, books, from the Christian giants of the past.

Free Grace and Dying Love by Susannah Spurgeon is available at Banner of Truth, (an online book store I trust).

There is much free Christian material online we are blessed to have available, but since the devil ruins everything, not all material that calls itself Christian accurately divides the scriptures or accurately presents ‘this same Jesus’ who rose and is to come again. Sarah Young’s devotional Jesus Calling comes to mind. Even at BibleGateway there are devotionals from the Proverbs 31 group, a site I don’t recommend. There’s one at BibleGateway too from Sheri Rose Shepherd called His Princess Every Day. I know nothing about that author or her devotional except from the title. I’m tired of the self-esteem crowd trying to get our pride ignited by calling us enough or princesses or queens and such. My pride does not need to be called a princess every day. Call me what I am: a sinner saved by grace who needs to look at Jesus when I read theological material, not myself.

So those are a few websites and books I recommend to you.

Do you read devotionals? Which solid ones do you enjoy?


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  1. Hi Elizabeth. I hope you know you sent us on an unreachable search for THE VALLEY OF VISION devotional. I checked amazon ($45+), as well as Thriftbooks, Westminister books and Barnes&Nobel. No one has it, except the collectible (pricy) option. I finally did find it on Barnes&Nobel – their NOOK version. Now I am witing for the NOOK app to download on my phone. It’s taking a LONG time (I probably have no space!)
    I enjoy your posts. I have several marked to read, but my study time is taking up so much time now. Keep up the goodwork, watchman (or is it watchwoman?)

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