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Shot and killed point blank in Alabama while giving the Gospel

By Elizabeth Prata

“How Long, O Lord” Sovereign Grace Music

She didn’t know that 6 days after exchanging love and affection and anniversary gifts, he would be dead.

“Last week, the husband of former Miss Mississippi was fatally shot in front of his 2-year-old child while sharing the gospel with people in Montgomery, Alabama.”

On January 20 she announced her pregnancy, their second child was expected.

On January 20th also, she posted on their anniversary how much she loved her husband.

Just two days later, on January 22, he was shot dead on the street in front of her and her toddler.

The sin-washed world sinks under the weight of its own groaning. The burdens of sin and grief stagger us, our hearts weighed with the sadness that sin brings. Oh, foul fiend, our ball and chain of sin attached, we moan in the night. But in the morning, THAT blessed morning, joy will come. How long, O Lord?

“How Long, O Lord” Sovereign Grace Music

Our tomorrows are not guaranteed. Cherish your spouse, adore your children, worship your God.


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