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Prata Potpourri: Discernment and naming names, unlovable church members, Salt & Light, Zero Fluff, & more

By Elizabeth Prata

I had a three-day weekend this past weekend We had Fall Break at school, and it was completely welcome. I enjoyed my extra day off. I stayed at home, wrote, loafed, and napped.

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By the way, educators do not get paid for the days at home. I am paid for the 190 days per year I work and that’s all. It’s just that they spread out the paychecks evenly so there is a regular deposit. For that I’m grateful.

At this point I’d rather have the time off than the money. I like being at home. Sometimes this surprises me because for many years I traveled at the drop of a hat. I was an expert at throwing things into a carryon and heading off to Labrador or Ecuador or Italy or just anywhere. But I guess I got all that out of my system. When you get older things like a comfy chair, a good pillow and a hard nap are what you desire!

I’ve rounded up some links that are in my opinion edifying and helpful. I hope you enjoy them too! Now I’m going to sit in my comfy chair and read!

Harry Walls at The Master’s University Chapel with a message to students departing for fall break to be salt and light, to be impactful in their spheres because of being who Jesus says they are.

Pastor Josh Buice responds to a review of Voddie Baucham’s book Fault Lines with focusing on showing in this article that it’s important to name names of false teachers who are harming the people of the faith: Making Honey and Naming Names.

Speaking of discernment, here is Dustin Benge at Ligonier on How to Develop Your Spiritual Discernment, something in which we all need daily practice!

I adore the title of this study from Sharon Lareau. Her blog posts on the topic were made into a paperback book! Congratulations! This is exactly the kind of material we want, zero fluff!

This meme packs an ooof punch!

People are weary. They are going through things, prices are going up and they are worried about making ends meet. They have concerns for their children growing up in times like these. Let’s be kind to one another. John Gill, on the Duties of Church Members to Each Other: “First, and which is a principal one, to love one another; “Owe no man anything, but to love one another,” is an apostolical advice, and good advice; this is a debt which every man owes to another, and should be always paying, especially Christians and members of churches (Rom. 13:812:10).”

I read this to see if I was one of the ten types! “10 Church Members God Especially Calls Me To Love”

The Open Hearts in a Closed World ladies have some new exciting things coming: first, there is a new Book Club! “Ladies Join us on AGTV for the Open Hearts book Club- “Encouraging each other as the day draws near-” Hebrews 10:25 where we will be reading excerpts from chapters in the book and then answering study questions from each chapter monthly. We will also have a dive deeper with Lauren Hereford from Tulips and Honey where she will be interviewing guests on the book and asking them questions from the book. Stay tuned for more details later this month so you can go get a copy of our book selection.”

Also the Open Hearts in a Closed World ladies announce a new podcast! Brooke Bartz and Erin Coates are pairing up and will be podcasting, encouraging women to live life verse by verse. Starting in November.

Is Beth Moore still talking?

Sigh. Avoid the enneagram and anyone promoting the enneagram. Here’s why- “EnneagramPagan Mysticism Promoted as Christian Growth

The Enneagram part 1 and part 2 by Gary Gilley of Think on These Things

I like Jim Osman. Doreen Virtue too:

Susan Heck puts out great stuff, like this-

In many places in the United States, like where I live, fall weather has come and it’s delightful. The hot, sticky humid air is swept away by air crisp as an apple and sweet as a pumpkin spice latte. I hope you can enjoy where you are as we step into the tail end of the year 2021, with Fall, Harvest Festivals, Reformation Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


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